Cellular IoT – Connectivity Management Plattform

Worldwide IoT Connectivity Services for IoT applications

With the Connectivity Management Platform, you connect, control and manage your IoT devices and IoT sensors centrally and efficiently.

For all mobile technologies in any country. The platform can be swiftly integrated into your existing environment, giving you 24/7 access to all your IoT SIM cards, IoT devices and connectivity costs.

Efficient connectivity management for all mobile technologies

The Internet of Things offers companies and institutions considerable potential for designing new, more efficient processes or launching new digital customer services. The connectivity between IoT devices and your systems plays a central role by enabling the recording, use and integration of the collected data in your processes.

The Connectivity Management Platform from Swisscom allows you to reliably connect your Swiss and worldwide IoT data sources with your systems. Data is transferred over powerful mobile networks. The platform also offers a wide array of features for managing your IoT connectivity: SIM cards, chips and eUICC service, dashboards with diagnostics and key figures, alert and monitoring functions, and complete cost control.

When is it the right solution?

If you want to centrally record the data from a larger number of IoT sensors or IoT devices, which are distributed throughout Switzerland and/or other countries outside of Switzerland. You need secure, scalable IoT connectivity technology and you would also like to integrate it smoothly in your operational processes.

The Connectivity Management Platform from Swisscom is the right solution for your needs. We operate our IoT Connectivity Services with the latest technologies, including 5G, eUICC service (programmable SIM cards), the energy-saving narrow band IoT or high bandwidth. Thanks to our professional network management, IoT connectivity is highly available – in Switzerland and around the world. Your user data always remains in Switzerland. What’s more, encrypted data transmission, our georedundant data centre as well as VPN, LAN-I connections guarantee maximum security.

If your needs change or you want to scale up your IoT solution, the platform is easily adjustable. Whatever you want to do, our IoT experts are on hand to give you competent advice on getting started and scaling up your IoT project.

Your benefits:

  • Best network coverage in Switzerland with Low Power Wide Area and high bandwidth
  • Worldwide coverage with more than 700 IoT roaming partners
  • Simple intuitive operation of your IoT Connectivity Management Platform

The first step

Technologies and platforms 

With the Connectivity Management Platform, we will help you lay the groundwork for your IoT success. Our IoT experts give you comprehensive support.

Use case: smart products thanks to the Connectivity Management Platform

For this Swiss manufacturer of smart bicycles, data reliability and security are essential. That’s why it opted for the reliable, globally available Connectivity Management Platform from Swisscom, which includes data hosting in Switzerland as well as 24/7 support that is already available before the rollout.

The manufacturer uses the ‘Ordering on demand’ feature on the Connectivity Management portal to order the required SIM cards online. It sends the SIMs directly to the factory outside of Switzerland where they are installed in the bicycles.

With ‘test ready’ mode, tests are completed directly in the factory without additional roaming costs. Technical issues are identified immediately before the product enters the value chain.

Thanks to the Connectivity Management Platform’s web-based user interface, the manufacturer has a complete overview of the entire distribution and can control connectivity centrally. The bicycle can thus be adapted to country-specific requirements.

The fully scalable connectivity management solution is easily adjusted to the manufacturer’s increasing requirements. For the global expansion, Swisscom delivers connectivity from a single source – through its more than 700 roaming partner companies. This means there is no need to manage different mobile providers, tariffs and platforms.

The user-friendly Connectivity Management dashboard gives a clear overview of all agreed connectivity services and applications. If a new feature should impact connectivity, the manufacturer can easily change the tariffs accordingly. Bundling and data pooling can be adjusted dynamically.

The manufacturer introduces new features for its end customers. For example, a localisation function for tracking stolen bicycles via the Connectivity Management Platform. The manufacturer can integrate additional services via firmware updates.

With the preconfigured report, the manufacturer has access to detailed information about all connectivity-related activities at all times. It has complete control.

Sending invoices has never been easier: Thanks to flexible invoicing models, the bicycle manufacturer can take care of the connectivity costs and send its customers invoices for ‘connected bike services’.

Why Swisscom?

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IoT connectivity and IoT management including API.

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