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Integration and system solutions for your IoT applications

Do you want to integrate your IoT devices securely into your systems, or would you like a custom-built IoT system solution?

IoT Platforms & Frameworks from Swisscom brings together established modules as well as validated technologies, design, architecture and processes to ensure speed, quality and security for your project.

Accelerate your success with a managed IoT platform

In today’s business world, the IoT trend is moving towards vertical scaling. An increasing number of companies are driving their growth with industry-specific IoT applications in public enterprise clouds. The technical basis is provided by IoT platforms, which have proliferated in recent times. But not every platform can meet the individual requirements of an IoT project. 

With our IoT Platforms & Frameworks solutions, we can match every requirement. Do you operate your IoT-based business processes and applications yourself? If so, Swisscom can provide you with a generic, horizontally scalable IoT platform. Maybe you are looking for an individual, fully managed IoT solution instead? Our framework service is ideal for you. We use our IoT framework to develop custom system solutions connected to Azure and AWS. With your IoT foundation in place, you can focus all your attention on your vertical IoT applications.

When is it the right solution?

For implementing your IoT projects quickly, securely and efficiently. You want to avoid your employees having to deal with the challenges associated with complex technical and operational aspects. You want to know you will gain maximum benefit from your specific IoT solution.

And you want to leverage the fascinating opportunities of the Internet of Things to add value from improved products and services. The path should be as simple as possible.

You need your generic IoT platform, the Device and Data Hub so function reliably within and outside of Switzerland. Instead of working with multiple service providers for IoT device integration, IoT device management and data generation, aggregation and forwarding, you only want to work with a single, experienced partner. 

You would like your IoT system solution to enable you to achieve your business goals without costly detours. We actively support you with the IoT Solution Framework. The framework contains most of the required features for the network, connected devices, and data storage and processing, plus individual rules and your business-specific applications, which our experienced IoT specialists will develop on your behalf.

Your benefits:

  • Turnkey, managed solutions based on pre-integrated frameworks
  • IoT system solution developed for your specific needs
  • Unlimited scalability of your IoT systems throughout Switzerland and around the world

IoT Platforms & Frameworks at a glance

IoT Platforms & Frameworks from Swisscom combines the Device and Data Hub, a universal IoT platform for sensor and device integration, data aggregation and transfer to the business process, and the IoT Solution Framework, for custom developments and the operation of complex IoT system solutions.

  • Technology-independent connectivity: connects any IoT sensor and device
  • Built-in connectivity management capabilities
  • Extensive industrial IoT Edge capabilities
  • Qualifies, combines and transfers selected data to different endpoints
  • Hosted and operated by Swisscom
  • Accelerated IoT solution development courtesy of standardised interfaces and pre-implemented basic functions
  • Custom developments designed to meet your complex challenges
  • Seamless integration with connectivity provisioning and management platforms
  • Established architecture and security-certified implementation
  • Swisscom-managed solution

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