IoT with Multisense

Implement Smart Building Solutions with Multisense 

Multisense from Swisscom is a versatile IoT sensor with countless applications, including in smart office and smart building solutions. 

You can quickly implement IoT solutions for automation, surveillance, alarms and services in your company without any in-depth technological expertise.  Would you like to harness the opportunities of IoT without needing a lot of prior knowledge? With Multisense smart building sensors, you can do just that. 

Up and running quickly: Multisense – the smart IoT sensor

Try it out on a small scale then implement quickly and scale up rapidly. You can test a range of application scenarios easily with a single IoT device, including temperature and humidity moni­toring, workplace occupancy, door moni­to­ring, device operating status monitoring and notifications when thresholds are exceeded. Multisense comes with predefined settings for these and many other application scenarios. You can therefore start using Multisense straight away.

When is Multisense the right solution?

If you want to deploy just one smart device to collect a range of different data and optimise your processes, or if you want to digitise your services and products, then this is the right solution for you. It will keep your initial investments low and the development time short.

Perhaps you work in the smart building, smart office, facility management or healthcare sectors, and want to collect data such as temperature and humidity data automatically, monitor user behaviour and status or send automated alerts. Multisense supplies the data you need from its temperature and humidity sensor, acceleration and shock sensor, reed switch and vibration sensor. You can familiarise yourself with the Internet of Things without a lot of prior knowledge. You want to test your use case efficiently and get it ready for the market in order to generate added value rapidly.

Your benefits:

  • A single smart IoT device with countless applications
  • Low operating costs with up to 10 years’ battery life
  • Predefined modes to accelerate your IoT project’s time-to-market

Your frist step

Multisense in a nutshell

One for all: the compact Multisense IoT device offers you a range of advanced, highly versatile sensors. You can customise the design on the front by adding your logo and/or coordinating the colour.

Multisense in white. With function names: Acceleration and shock sensor; Reed switch (door and window sensor); Temperature and humidity sensor; Visual feedback (LED); Push button; Vibration sensor.

Multisense in practice

Multisense has a multitude of possible applications, e.g. with these predefined modes. Would you like customised settings? The possibilities are endless!

Indoor environment information lets you create and monitor specific work zones and special working environments, which are modified for the activity in question. For example, you can monitor the humidity in archive rooms or automate the temperature in cold storage areas.

Multisense data provides you with meaningful information relating to actual workplace occupancy. You can use this to optimise the organisation’s site strategy and behaviour and take a significant step towards the Smart Office.

Identify how frequently and/or at what time different moving parts such as doors, gates, window etc. are used. Use the data collected to design a Smart Building solution and optimise your processes, for example in facility management.

Multisense transmits data relating to the operational status of devices and systems, based on their movements and current position. Combined with the temperature data from the monitored devices, you get a meaningful picture that provides important servicing and maintenance information.

Broken printer? Overflowing paper container? Faulty coffee machine? Simply press the Multisense Service button and the service staff will take care of it. Or initiate the desired action in the ERP at the touch of a button. This is how smart infrastructure becomes a reality.

Multisense triggers an alarm when an object moves or its position changes. You are informed immediately and can intervene right away.

Why Swisscom?


You get low-threshold access to the IoT.

Single source

Hardware, connectivity and data forwarding from Swisscom.


With Multisense, you can create unlimited IoT use cases with just one device.

What our customers say

‘With the Multisense IoT sensor, we have made fire extinguisher cabinets intelligent.’

Marcel Wyss, CEO and owner of Universal-Feuerlöschgeräte AG

At the HC Ambrì-Piotta ice hockey stadium, Multisense triggers an immediate notification if a fire extinguisher cabinet is opened or is damaged by water. This guarantees that the fire extinguishers will be fully functional in an emergency.

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