Smart metering by Swisscom

Smart metering for energy and water utilities

Smart meters supply meter data to the energy and water utilities in real time.

Utility companies can provide customers with live consumption data and initiate timely, appropriate behaviour changes, which are the key to greater energy efficiency.

Smart metering: let us connect you

The revised Federal Energy Act states that 80 percent of all meters must be converted to smart meters by the end of 2027. Your customers’ demands for greater transparency, decentralised energy production using photovoltaic systems, not to mention tangible business benefits are all important arguments in favour of smart metering systems. For utility companies, smart metering offers data-based analysis, management and efficient operation of your systems.

Swisscom supports you with proven, standardised solutions for IoT connectivity and IoT management, with an IoT platform and a comprehensive smart meter ecosystem and strategy developments. We take the complexity out of your hands, enabling you to build on proven technological expertise.

When is it the right solution?

If you want to roll out your smart meters rapidly and efficiently on Switzerland’s best IoT networks. Your planning costs need to be low, and you need an unlimited, fail-safe smart metering system.

Swisscom gives you all the benefits of a local provider and also provides comprehensive roaming offers, which allow you to safeguard connectivity in border regions and enable smart meter manufacturers to offer their devices with integrated connectivity in other countries. You can count on a long-term, reliable service throughout the planning, rollout and operation of your smart metering and control systems. Our open interfaces make it easy for you to integrate meter data into your own systems.

Your benefits

  • Swiss-wide coverage with the largest portfolio of smart meter connectivity
  • Data security with data storage in Switzerland and a dedicated network
  • Secure operation thanks to established solutions and a managed infrastructure

The first step

How Smart Meter works

Smart metering systems are helping to digitise the energy and water supply. Real-time consumption measurements provide greater transparency. And efficiency can be improved through automatic billing, in-depth analyses and relevant energy-saving tips.

Illustration shows smart metering in the process flow: analyzing, acting, measuring and aggregating.

Technologies and platforms

Swisscom puts together the different components of your smart metering solution in accordance with your individual needs, regardless of whether you “just” need a solution for IoT connectivity or you require an all-inclusive smart metering package.

Your smart meters are securely connected via encrypted connections. A range of network and access technologies are used in order to meet different needs at different locations. We will be happy to advise you on  selecting the right technology.

Swisscom’s smart metering connectivity solutions are based on the proven Connectivity Management Platform. Thanks to the platform’s full API set, it is simple to integrate smart metering data into your MDM or ERP system.

You have the option of accessing our IoT platforms and frameworks. These allow you to implement complete end-to-end solutions quickly and securely. IoT platforms and frameworks provide you with ready-to-go functions for device management, data collection and data evaluation. They guarantee secure connections between any sensors, devices and production facilities and your company’s systems and processes.

Swisscom can rely upon a large, well-established network of IoT partners for smart metering. This includes smart meter hardware manufacturers, integrators and full-service providers, such as energy consultants. Together with our partners, we support you to develop your smart metering strategy.

Why Swisscom?


20 years’ experience in IoT device connectivity.


We network your smart meters irrespective of the manufacturer.


We find the best solution thanks to a broad technology mix.

«The 4G IoT solution allows us to harmonise our meter infrastructure flexibly.»

Reto Dambach , Head of Energy Data Management, Eniwa AG

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