Smart products and smart services

Smart services for new business models in industry

We’re here to support you with the development of smart services and products – from conception to implementation. Besides helping you to optimise your processes and customer interactions, we will also help you develop innovative websites and apps to improve production efficiency and modernise your business models. 

Digital servitization: from product to service

By adopting digital servitization, manufacturing companies can open up new areas of business and embrace disruptive business models that meet genuine customer needs. However, the transformation process requires careful strategic planning and should involve all areas of the company from the outset. A holistic approach is therefore key.

Our services

Connectivity and security

Strategies to ensure the secure and reliable connection of devices, applications and systems

System integration

Integration of core applications (ERP, PLM, MES) for seamless communication


Connection to IoT networks and platforms for comprehensive monitoring and control

Big data, prediction and ML

Setting up data lakes, warehouses and machine learning for predictions and process and quality improvements

Software development

Portals and apps for product use, digital customer interaction and guided maintenance

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