Mobile Private Network 

Mobile Private Network perfectly enhances your corporate network

Mobile Private Network (MPN) ensures stable network connectivity and seamless business processes in your company and delivers a secure environment to protect your communi­cation data.

Your private 4G or 5G network provides the highest transmission speeds and guarantees low latency times and data security within the mobile corporate network.

A private network provides you with stable network connectivity at all times; for example, for data-intensive machine communication between mobile robots, drones or autonomous vehicles on business premises, even in remote or hard-to-reach areas.

You can reserve dedicated capacity on your network for business-critical applications and ensure high data throughput and low latency for every use case for the efficient and secure networking of people, devices and machines in the Internet of Things (IoT). This means you can also process larger amounts of sensor data and use technologies such as EDGE computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning to optimum effect.

Private networks for companies exist in various forms and are usually set up using an additional mobile tele­communication infrastructure (active radio antenna systems). These private networks allow prioritised commu­ni­cation on a company campus using guaranteed network resources or even a fully private 5G network with its own frequencies.

This enables your company to enjoy the benefits of Swisscom’s multi-award-winning, high-performance and secure mobile network.

When is it the right solution?

Do you need a lag-free, fail-safe, private 4G or 5G network for your company? In addition to reliability, are you also looking for mobility, flexibility, power-saving potential and maximum broadband performance? Are you pushing the WLAN capacity within your premises to its limits? Companies with critical energy supply, manufacturing or transportation infrastructures, for example, use MPN as a robust and reliable network solution.

Today, secure and ultra high-speed 4G or 5G networks extend beyond your company walls, converging seamlessly with the external mobile network. Your dedicated MPN meets the highest security requirements for the storage of sensitive business data and supports the integration of existing components such as security, cloud, LAN and mobile devices.

Modernise your infrastructure now, digitise process steps and increase efficiency.

Your benefits

  • 4G and 5G technology enables exclusive use of network resources for individual use cases
  • Strategies and measures to increase your resilience and comply with regulations
  • Interference-free operation with the highest data throughput thanks to reserved network resources for your company

Getting started with your Mobile Private Network

Workshop: Exploring the potential of MPN

In this free workshop, discover what opportunities a Mobile Private Network offers your company. Together, we examine your digital transformation goals, define your requirements and identify the innovation potential for your company.

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How your Mobile Private Network works

If required, you can use your MPN and additional antennas to ensure comprehensive network coverage for your company premises. Your company data is completely separate from the public mobile network and can be prioritised in the event of overload. This guarantees stable connectivity even during high network capacity utilisation.

Using your dedicated antenna infrastructure and core network, you can build a standalone Private Mobile Network that uses the 5G spectrum and offers the highest availability, allowing you to process data faster using less energy.

Dedicated SIM cards provide direct connectivity to your company’s private network without a VPN client. You are securely connected to your MPN worldwide from any location and any device.

Possible use cases for your Mobile Private Network

Autonomous, zero-emissions electric dumper trucks on the quarry use a MPN to connect to the main office.

A dedicated campus network supports efficient digital processes and networking of all hospital employees with prioritisation for visitors and patients.

Field sales employees of an insurance company enjoy direct and secure access to the company’s network using SIM cards and without VPN.

Why Swisscom?

Holistic advice

We focus on the needs of your customers, identify requirements and develop use cases accordingly

Custom network architectur

We develop the ideal setup for your individual circumstances and provide end-to-end support right through to implementation

Reliable compatibility

Our MPN builds on our existing services and thus guarantees their interoperability

Autonomous vehicles in the MPN

Swisscom is supporting Holcim and Volvo in testing the quarry of the future Using state-of-the-art mobile radio technology, the MPN facilitates secure and reliable monitoring and control of the autonomous e-vehicles in the quarry – an important step on Holcim’s journey towards climate neutrality.

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