Robotic process automation

Robotic process automation consulting for process optimisation

Automate your business processes quickly, easily and cost-effectively with robotic process automation (RPA). Focus on your core business and leave monotonous or repetitive work to your new digital assistant, freeing up time for your customers and value-adding activities.

What is robotic process automation and what can it do?

Robotic process automation refers to software that performs repetitive tasks across functions and applications. The robot imitates human actions on the computer; independently launching programs, for instance, or processing rule-based tasks. The actions are performed on a local computer (attended bots), a server (unattended bots) or as a combination of both. RPA automates processes and therefore represents a key pillar of digitisation and the starting point for cognitive automation (decision making) and artificial intelligence (independent problem solving).

What tasks does robotic process automation perform?

Any repetitive and monotonous tasks that can be handled rule based. For example

  • Collecting data from the Internet or intranet
  • Reading and comparing data from documents
  • Copying, pasting and moving data
  • Form filling
  • Performing calculations
  • Creating reports or
  • Writing standard e-mails

This is just a small selection of the tasks that can be automated. Have you thought about how much time you would save by outsourcing repetitive work?

Your benefits

Productivity: shorter cycle times, higher throughput, easy scalability

Compliance: all processes are reproduced consistently, without errors or deviations

Fixed price or time and material basis: you define the service level, we operate your RPA

When is it the right solution?

If manual work is slowing down your processes, your current solution is not very cost or time efficient, and your employees have too little time for value-adding tasks.

We have been developing robotic process automation solutions since 2015 and have launched more than 500 robots, including aaS. RPA has helped our customers save more than 85% on infrastructure, maintenance and licensing costs (or 200,000 hours of manual work, equivalent to CHF 3.6 million). Three examples:

  • GUI-oriented robotic desktop automation (RDA) for manual desktop-based work.
  • An integrated backend solution for job scheduling and workload automation.
  • An integrated, modular backend solution, programmed using knowledge items and continuously self-optimised through machine learning.

What’s in it for you:

  • One-stop shop: everything from a single source
  • Easily automate repetitive tasks
  • Increase productivity and reduce costs

Why Swisscom?

  • 24/7 operation: SLA with short response times for business-critical processes
  • Security: FINMA-compliant solution that meets all security requirements
  • One-stop shop from proof of concept through to rollout and operation

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Factsheet: Robotic Process Automation

Robotic Process Automation with Swisscom

Focus on value-adding tasks and leave repetitive tasks to the robot.

RPA Darstellung der Services

Consulting and implementation

From software evaluation to technical and organisational implementations. We will be happy to help you.


We manage the operation of your robots for you. Service levels such as 24/7 interventions or from near- and offshore locations are available on request.


We provide the infrastructure including setup, whether in the cloud, on premise at your company or on our premises.

Licence service

Enjoy special discount rates when you purchase your RPA licences from Swisscom.

Our individual RPA services

RPA as a Service 

Automate processes and leave all the work to us. This option includes all licences, infrastructures and operation of the solution. 

Shared Robots as a Service

Companies with more advanced automation capabilities can still take advantage of RPA and share licensing costs with others.

Orchestrator as a Service 

Save up to 85 percent on annual infrastructure, maintenance and licensing costs.   

RPA Add-ons as a Service 

Save up to 95 percent by integrating RPA add-ons into your Control Room as a Service.

Cheaper RPA licences

Swisscom provides you with dedicated RPA licences at favourable terms; 24/7 and with no restrictions.


We manage the operation of your robots for you at a fixed price or on a time and material basis. Operation services are available at different service levels and in different locations.

  • «With RPA you can easily and efficiently eliminate media breaks instead of implementing fixed interfaces. With the cloud approach, RPA also pays off for small and medium-sized companies.»  

    Reto Kühni, Entris Banking Ltd.

    Head of Business Development & Projects

  • «Thanks to RPA, our employees have more time for value creation that generates added value for our customers.»  

    Mario Rupp, Thurgauer Kantonalbank

    Head of Projects and Processes

    Portrait Mario Rupp

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White paper

Robotic process automation for banks

In this white paper, we look at how robots automate processes and show the advantages and added value of RPA for banks and insurance companies.


When robots automate routine work

Robotic process automation is of particular interest for the service sector. Software robots are able to take over repetitive manual tasks and automate existing business processes.

Talk to us about the automation of your processes and put your questions to us. We will be happy to advise and support you.