Your Microsoft Dynamics ERP and CRM partner

Expert Microsoft Dynamics consulting for SMEs

ERP and CRM systems are crucial to the survival of SMEs as they facilitate the efficient use of company resources, especially in the face of growing competition and cost pressures. Lean, automated processes give you the freedom you need to respond swiftly and flexibly to new customer requirements and changing market conditions, and allow you to focus on your competencies.

Your Microsoft Dynamics ERP partner

Many SMEs have business processes and ERP systems that have evolved over time. These are often complex and laborious to maintain, not to mention inefficient and not entirely secure. This is precisely where Microsoft Dynamics consulting from Swisscom can help.

Together, we will model lean processes, map them digitally and automate wherever possible. All work steps can be managed online in one central system from any location.

Because the standard software has a modular design, you enjoy low acquisition, maintenance and operation costs. You receive continuous added value through ongoing further development and expanding the standard scope. To help you remain flexible and agile, our services and software can grow with your SME.

When it comes to replacing existing systems, Swisscom has extensive experience in Microsoft Dynamics migration as well as any cloud migration. If the ERP system is in the cloud, the data can be viewed securely from anywhere and data-driven decisions can be made.

Your benefits

  • Efficiency: lean processes, automated processes, high data quality

  • Security: reduced complexity and reliable planning
  • Continuity: one provider with a wide product range and know-how

When is it the right solution?

Are you looking for an ERP or CRM system for your SME that grows with your company? Do you want to increase the efficiency of your SME, automate manual tasks and increase data quality at the same time? As your partner, Swisscom will help you get the most out of your modern ERP system, including CRM, at the highest level of security without investing in additional external experts.

Rely on Microsoft Dynamics consulting and project support from Swisscom. This will allow you to set clear responsibilities, reduce error risks and create transparency, giving your SME planning and cost security while allowing it to benefit from continuous, technical development.

Why Swisscom?

  • Comprehensive range of products: proven expertise in the core system, ERP, CRM and beyond.
  • Scalable service: from personal, individual consulting to the assumption of full project responsibility.
  • Large partner network: teams of experts on any Microsoft topic.

The first step

Our service


Duration: approx. 2 hours 
Location: your premises 
Price: free 
Result: assessment report


  • Determine requirements
  • Assess the suitability of the solutions on offer
  • Prepare a rough budget estimate
  • Assess the return on investment


Duration: approx. 4 hours 
Location: your premises 
Price: free 
Results: briefing report, demo presentation, budget estimate


  • Determine requirements
  • Identify central administrative processes
  • Assess the suitability of the solutions on offer
  • Simple demo of the functions (MS Dynamics 365 Business Central)
  • Prepare a budget estimate
  • Assess the return on investment

Proof of Concept (POC)

Duration: 4 to 6 days (including preparation) 
Location: your premises 
Price: time-dependent, charged upon project confirmation 
Results: POC report, demo presentation, full project offer, planning


  • Qualify requirements
  • Determine administrative processes
  • Jointly define use cases
  • Concrete product demo for project
  • Presentation of results
  • Prepare a budget estimate
  • Assess the return on investment

Scoping Workshop

Duration: 6 to 8 days 
Location: your premises 
Price: time-dependent, charged upon project confirmation and implementation with Swisscom 
Results: demo presentation, documents for the analysis of functional suitability, full project offer, planning.


  • Comprehensive workshop on all requested topics, such as use cases, IT, internationality, etc.
  • Detailed assessment of product suitability for the company’s requirements
  • Preparation of documents on the analysis results as well as on the overall project
  • Demo presentation

Microsoft business applications overview

Your ERP system for SMEs can be easily and securely extended if necessary. Through the integrated software, you have extensive options and subject areas at your disposal, including CRM, AI, BI, cloud or collaboration.

Die Übersicht zu den Microsoft Business Applications zeigt das Zusammenspiel der Abteilungen und Unternehmensbereiche in Microsoft Dynamics.

Customer success stories

Customer situation

A mail order company wanted to replace its existing IBM AS/400 system because it was already 35 years old and included around 30 interfaces. Some of the technologies were outdated and responsible for around 25 applications. The company was looking to standardise and use best practices, wherever possible, to efficiently process its volume of more than two million orders per year.

Our solution

Swisscom implemented a modern ERP platform for the front and back office. The core functions (finance, logistics) were supplemented with additional modules (CRM, automation, customer service, marketing) and completed with a full webshop integration (including product information management). The number of interfaces was reduced from 30 to 15.

Customer situation

A cantonal administration was looking for an all-in-one solution to manage its bankruptcy mandates. This required a platform that integrates all information and works with the modern user interface in the form of a mobile app.

Our solution

Swisscom implemented a fully integrated centralised financial management system based on Microsoft Dynamics. This was supplemented by Kofax’s automated DMS solution, which enables administrative staff to work efficiently and provides a seamless customer experience. A custom app for the bankruptcy administrators rounded off the project.

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