Omnichannel solutions for your contact centers.

The best omnichannel customer experience with our solutions

Improve your customers’ experience with our flexible, customer-focused and tailored omnichannel solutions, whether you want to automate time-consuming, individual routine processes, synchronise all your communications channels or fully outsource your contact center.

Satisfy customer expectations with Contact Center Solutions

Nowadays, customers expect first-class service across a wide range of channels in order to submit their queries and get solutions, e.g. through live chat, WhatsApp or video calls. The contact center is therefore your company’s calling card.

A tailored Contact Center Solution for every business

Our Contact Center Solutions enable you to actively design, measure and improve your customers’ experience. You can therefore meet the needs of your customers while at the same time raising the productivity of your employees. We analyse the trends carefully, provide independent and impartial advice and recommend the right customer contact solution for your business, for today and tomorrow.

Your benefits

  • Informed decisions based on current data 
  • Avoids unwise investments in the wrong tools or channels
  • Improved customer loyalty and higher Net Promoter Score 

When is it the right solution?

Contact Center Solutions are suitable for companies who engage with customers across several channels. Our solutions improve customer experience, customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. They also simplify the work of agents, thus reducing costs.

Digitisation is a challenge: the number of customer contacts is increasing and so too are the demands on the customer services team. Our omnichannel solutions will free up your workforce from routine tasks and allow them to devote more time to your customers. Our experts work with you to develop a vision for a multi-channel contact center and support you from the initial idea to its implementation on prem or in the cloud.

Why Swisscom?

  • Expertise: Our specialists in IT architecture, UX design and operational management develop customised solutions.
  • Tailored: Our customer center solutions are flexible and tailored to your needs.
  • Independent: We provide independent and impartial advice and always recommend the best solution for you.

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How we can help you

Omnichannel communication

We integrate all communications channels, develop new channels and synchronise them, improving your customer relations.

Holistic advice

Our advice focuses on the three crucial areas: your customers’ needs, your needs and the technological capabilities.

A sound strategy

Our experts develop a strategy, recommend products that fit seamlessly into your IT architecture and implement the strategy too.

Smooth operation

We implement your Contact Center Solution and maintain its ongoing operation, giving you more time for your customers and core business.

Our UX research methods

Customer interviews

We conduct 20 to 40-minute interviews with customers, which give us deeper insights into their wishes and expectations, as well as their previous experiences of service touchpoints.

Usability tests

We give customers and agents clearly defined tasks that they need to resolve on the website or using the service tools. This allows us to identify areas of weaknesses and stumbling blocks in the user flow.

Field studies

We analyse customer interactions in the real-world environment and analyse their genuine and authentic behaviour. This helps us to better understand the context.

Inbound user feedback

We evaluate the qualitative or quantitative feedback we collect through short surveys or other feedback tools.

The five most important innovations in the customer journey

Customers’ expectations when they contact a company are rising all the time, irrespective of the channel. This is the most significant development that will lead to permanent changes in contact centers over the next few years.

Customer Interaction Management is now Enterprise Dialogue Management. The customer experience is no longer shaped solely by the contact center agents, but instead by all the customer-focused employees in the business. The contact center is now the most important business unit. Contact Center as a Service and Unified Communications as a Service merge to form a single platform.

Many services are still only available in the public cloud. Companies will look for overarching solutions and providers, such as cloud brokers, which combine services, enablers and internal and external data sources in a uniform solution and give customers a consistent customer experience.

AI is no longer a gimmick. Companies are investing more money into strategies and implementation plans. AI-based bots are becoming more like humans. Multipurpose voice assistants will guide customers and employees and provide them with better information.

Data is the key. Data sources beyond the contact center are integrated. Tracking and analysis systems based on artificial intelligence allow the hyper-personalisation of the customer experience.

Voice analytics is increasingly important. There will be increasing numbers of voice-based queries with digital assistants, such as Alexa, Siri or Swisscom TV at home, with mobiles or when speaking to a voice bot.

Additional information

Smart SaaS solution

The Easy Contact Center is easy to contact and provides a high-quality service and a consistent customer experience across all channels.


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