Salesforce CRM system

Salesforce – the leading CRM system

With Salesforce’s CRM system, you can improve your customer experience, collaborate efficiently and maximise your productivity.

Deploying a centralised platform for efficient data management helps you improve customer relationships while at the same time optimising your processes and strengthening your business performance. As a consulting and integration partner for Salesforce software, Swisscom can help you find and implement the cloud or clouds that will best suit your needs.

The Salesforce platform supports both B2C and B2B companies with customer relationship management (CRM), customer service, marketing, e-commerce and IT. It provides your employees with a standardised, easily accessible overview of all customer data, simplifying internal communication and facilitating goal-oriented, efficient customer care.

Salesforce solutions from Swisscom bring you the customer experience of tomorrow, today. The Salesforce CRM system provides your employees with all the information they need in a secure and flexible infrastructure, allowing efficient digitalisation and rapid scaling of your business. Our team of digital transformation experts will be happy to advise you on how to perfect your sales journey and show you the capabilities and performance of an AI-controlled, 360-degree solution for your CRM marketing.

Data security and performance guaranteed

With Hyperforce, Salesforce's next-generation architecture, you can use all the applications and functions of your CRM system with data stored in Switzerland. This allows you to maximize data security and ensure compliance with legal and industry regulations.

You can scale quickly and globally as your business grows. Efficient data handling helps you increase customer satisfaction by providing all the information exactly where it is needed at every touchpoint in the customer journey.

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Unlock the full potential of Salesforce with our professional services.

Why is Salesforce the right solution for your company?

Do you want to improve customer relationships, merge fragmented data and offer your customers the highest degree of personalisation? Create exciting, standardised omnichannel customer experiences with a system that combines all data on a single platform. Not only will this help you identify customer needs at an early stage, but it also ensures compliance.

Use Salesforce software to automate your workflows and to modernise and personalise customer relationships in order to boost customer loyalty while driving growth. This cloud-based application suite for marketing, sales, service and e-commerce provides a comprehensive, cross-industry platform for managing all aspects of a customer journey. AI-driven insights and customisable workflows help your company anticipate customer needs and deliver a personalised customer experience across the board.

Your benefits

  • Timely rollout: maximise your chances of success with Swisscom’s established project management methodology
  • Greater efficiency: automate repetitive tasks and use collaboration tools for effective collaboration
  • Rapid ROI: get a head start with Salesforce prototyping. Flexible solution that grows with the business

Our Salesforce portfolio

Typical Salesforce applications

Customer situation

A leading consumer goods company (CPG) was looking to restructure its data in a clean, standardised and segmented solution. It had two main goals: to understand customer behaviour and to orchestrate future one-to-one marketing campaigns.

Our solution

Salesforce Data Cloud was implemented in the company’s CX ecosystem in combination with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Salesforce Sales Cloud and Salesforce Commerce Cloud to create a centralised customer data platform. At the same time, legacy systems were retired and marketing tools were replaced with an integrated Salesforce solution. The customer journey was supplemented by incentive campaigns, and e-commerce transactions were linked to direct marketing interactions, which positively impacted sales.

Customer situation

A leading manufacturing company was confronted by dissatisfied customers who had no way of interacting quickly and easily with sales and service teams. Without an existing knowledge base, it was difficult to find data about business agreements, purchase spare parts, monitor production or obtain timely support.

Our solution

Salesforce Service Cloud and Salesforce Manufacturing Cloud were deployed in record time, allowing teams to regain control of all B2B sales operations. By integrating data streams into the ERP system, production could be matched with demand in real time. Salesforce B2B Commerce was implemented at a later date to allow customers to place orders from anywhere 24/7 based on existing business agreements. The Salesforce Service Cloud finally enabled the company to provide its customer service department with a complete knowledge base and enquiry tracking tool.

Customer situation

A leading retail brand found itself unable to deliver personalised customer experiences in its stores or take a consistent approach to customer retention. Customising the service to meet customers’ individual preferences when they visit flagship stores proved a particular challenge. The company also had no way to capture the data of customers in the stores. In addition, it was struggling to manage a high volume of customers following advertising campaigns (doorbusters).

Our solution

A clienteling application was developed on the basis of the company’s CRM system and deployed in the Salesforce Experience Cloud and Salesforce Commerce Cloud B2C. With the use of this solution in stores, sales staff can now control wait times, record and view all customer data, check inventories and even place orders on behalf of customers for home delivery. The application also allows customers to choose whether or not they wish to be informed about advertising campaigns and whether or not to participate in the brand loyalty programme.

A transformative methodology for your Salesforce projects

Our Salesforce CX transformation methodology is a strategic approach to completing comprehensive or iterative projects. The methodology includes evaluation, consulting, planning, development and pilot phases. It focuses on identifying customer needs, innovation, end-to-end solutions, effective software development and a successful market launch. The methodology is combined with the Salesforce solution V2MOM (Vision-to-Value, Method, Obstacles, Measures) to ensure customer success.

Why Swisscom?

Customer experience

We help generate unique experiences across all channels and build long-term customer relationships.

Full-stack partner

We use our experience, creativity and innovation to manage the increasing complexity of IT and systems integration.

Project experience

Our proven CX transformation method lays the foundation for a successful implementation phase.

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