Data Insights Service & Consulting

Data Insights Service – understanding and using your data

Log and event data are a valuable commodity that generates added value for companies. But, getting the data where it needs to be at the right time and in the right format and interpreting it correctly is complex. Swisscom has the advice and individual solutions to support you.

From Data Insights Consulting to operation

Standardised IT-based processes and activities have one thing in common: they all rely on sound data. To be able to leverage the data, tools are used for systematic data collection, preparation for the recipient and visualisation in dashboards. Thresholds are also set for alerts and the data is made available to other systems via export.

Wouldn’t it be practical and time saving to use a system that handles all these tasks smoothly? Talk to us if you want a comprehensible overview of your data and a sound basis from which to mount an appropriate response. We will work with you to develop a use case that will take your business forward. And we’ll also equip you with the right technology, reliably operated by us.

Your benefits

  • Complete analytics platform including deployment, support and operation
  • Easy handling thanks to managed SaaS solution in the cloud
  • Dedicated use case with connection of all log and event data

When is it the right solution?

If you want to see added value from the analysis of your log data. By tracking the behaviour of business-critical applications, processes and IT components in real time, the system issues timely alerts that allow you to take action before issues or costs arise.

Our selected log analytics tools, Splunk and Elastic Stack, offer you a host of useful features, including a search function, machine learning and security, which help to reduce the time and costs associated with audits and optimise your services by analysing customer behaviour. Interested in outsourcing an existing log analytics solution? We’re happy to help in this case too. Let us migrate, operate and support your platform for you.

Why Swisscom?

  • Secure: your data is stored in certified Swiss data centres.
  • Independent: operation in the Swisscom Cloud or your own hybrid cloud environment.
  • Fit for the future: we use Kubernetes container management services.

The first step

Our products

Data Insights Service Hybrid Cloud

Operated with Managed Kubernetes Clusters in the Swisscom Enterprise Cloud or in a hybrid environment (Azure/AWS).

  • Managed Elastic Stack – the open-source search engine
  • Managed Splunk – the powerful all-in-one software for log analytics
  • Data Forwarding/Streaming – the secure transfer of large volumes of data
  • Data Insights Consulting & Engineering – by experienced specialists
  • Licence Handling – take advantage of attractive conditions
  • Runs on your chosen cloud infrastructure

Data Insights Service Legacy Platform

Operated in your own environment: on premise, in the Swisscom data centre and/or in the cloud.

  • Managed Splunk – the powerful all-in-one software for Log Analytics Data Forwarding/Streaming – securely transfer large volumes of data
  • Data Insights Consulting & Engineering – by experienced specialists
  • Licence handling – take advantage of attractive conditions
  • Operation in the geo-redundant Swisscom data centre

Our services

After defining your use cases, we connect the required data sources to the platform: your base is operational.

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Splunk and Elastic   

Watch the videos to learn more about how the Splunk and Elastic Stack log analytics tools work.

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