Digital maturity assessment

In our ReThink workshop, we will establish your current position and rethink your digital journey.

Ready to ReThink your Digital Journey

What are the right key projects for the next stage of your digital transformation? Do you know which technology will keep you competitive? With our support, find out which areas of digital transformation have the greatest potential for adding value to your business.

After our joint ReThink workshop, you will know:

  • our assessment of your digital maturity and your current starting point for further digitisation
  • the most promising areas to pursue, based on potential and feasibility
  • potential avenues to pursue as you continue your digital journey

In cooperation with

ReThink workshop process

Our team of experts will spend around three weeks compiling your digital maturity assessment. They will conduct in-depth interviews, carry out desk research and factor in your capacity and governance as well as your product development and the product roadmap.

We will deliver the following milestones:

  1. a stakeholder analysis to aggregate the challenges from an internal perspective
  2. market benchmarking and digitisation potential based on this
  3. insights into specific focus areas for your business
  4. a report for your Management Board, including a project roadmap

Together, and on the basis of our proven customer-centric Rethink method, we will ensure the success of your business transformation.





Your next steps

  1. Register now. We will then contact you by phone to find out more about your needs and your company.
  2. During our call, we will give you more details of the ReThink workshop process, agree timings with you and create your personal quotation (budget: starting from CHF 30,000 excl. VAT).
  3. Once you have accepted the quotation, our three-week collaboration will begin as scheduled and the digital maturity assessment will be carried out.

“Digitisation projects often flounder after the first few stages. ReThink gets them back on track.”

Alexandre Salzmann, Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd
Head of Digital Business