Digital certificates for electronic signatures

Certificates of the Certificate Authorities (CA)

Here you will find the certificates of Swisscom's Root and Issuing CAs to download and install in your applications.

CA Certificates of Swisscom IT Services Finance SE, Austria

Swisscom Timestamping Service CA 4.1

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Revocation lists (CRLs)

Here we provide you with the current revocation lists for all our CAs in various formats.

Revocation lists of Swisscom Root CAs of the 1st generation

Swisscom Root EV CA 1

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One shot on-demand certificates cannot be revoked because they are only valid for 10 minutes. You can revoke your organisation certificate in various ways.


If you wish to revoke a certificate due to compromise, invalidity or other reasons, you can start a revocation request here. Please note: The revocation cannot be revoked and the Signing Service will only be able to issue seals for your organization after a new application and installation of a follow-up certificate.

Only those persons who have been named as representatives of the organization in the certificate application and have been identified electronically with the RA-App are entitled to immediate revocation. The mobile phone number stored in the identification is required for the release of the revocation. Please be also prepared to enter your "ClaimedID" of your technical account with which your application addresses the All-in Signing Service.

By telephone

Our hotline can be reached 24/7 on +41 (0)800 724 724. Please verify your identity with your PRO number.

In writing

Please send a written revocation request to:

Swisscom (Switzerland) Ltd
Digital Certificate Services
Pfingstweidstr. 51
PO Box
8021 Zürich

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