Monitor and protect your devices in real time

  • Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) monitors the access points to your network and prevents advanced cyber attacks on your devices (client, server or mobile).
  • Automated monitoring and resolution of security alerts can be tracked in real time on the dashboard – easing the strain on your IT security.
  • The solution protects your end devices from potentially dangerous, complex cyber attacks that are not detected by antivirus programs.

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Stephan Britschgi

Security Product Manager

Your benefits with Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)

End-to-end security

Activities are monitored in real time, so potential security vulnerabilities are apparent across all end devices.

Easing the strain on your IT

Security messages are automatically investigated and resolved – relieving the strain on your IT security.

Managed Service

You benefit from the current, expert security knowledge of our experts.


The service can be combined with e.g

SOC as a Service

CSIRT as a Service

Microsoft 365 Management

How Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) works

Devices connected to networks provide potential targets for complex cyber attacks as the endpoints in a network. Endpoint Detection & Response monitors all the activities in your network in real time, automatically checks and resolves security messages – visible in the dashboard at all times. All the access points to your network are thus protected against complex cyber attacks.


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Stephan Britschgi

Security Product Manager


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