Effective 24/7 protection for your IT environment

Managed Network Security services provide comprehensive network and web security solutions tailored to your company’s needs. Specialists ensure your security around the clock and react to threats immediately.  


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Make security integral to your business.

Reliable partner

Swisscom always remains your strong security partner, however quickly your company is growing. Our service can be adapted to your requirements and offers suitable solution packages.

Early risk identification

As the country’s largest network operator, Swisscom can spot security-related events and activities in Switzerland at an early stage.

Compliance objectives met

You will meet your compliance obligations towards your stakeholders. Swisscom complies with key security standards and control frameworks such as ISO/IEC 27001, as well as numerous FINMA circulars.

Play it safe with MSS-i

With MSS-i, your most valuable assets are protected and the impact of attacks on your business is minimised through a comprehensive and proactive security stance. You can benefit from our extensive experience in various sectors and branches of industry.


Swisscom’s 24/7 Security Operation Centre meets important national and international guidelines and recommendations. Swisscom guarantees a highly available service through the following measures:

Physical security

  • Disaster-proof sites
  • Geo-redundancy in Switzerland (Zurich, Berne, Basel)
  • 4-level physical security concept
  • Burglar-proof hollow floor protection
  • Floodlight warning device, video and alarm system
  • Dedicated, redundant connection and systems for maximum availability (power and networking)


  • Specialists on site 24/7 (on duty)
  • Dedicated, redundant connection and systems for maximum availability (power and networking)
  • Data stored in Switzerland
  • Monitoring with Globalview

Swisscom takes care of the sustainable management of your security infrastructure. MSS-i offers you various solutions that are perfectly coordinated and allow smooth collaboration between the platform, analyst and customer. All services are regulated with a Service Level Agreement (SLA).

Health Incident Management

Problem Management

MSS-i uses health incident monitors to keep an eye on the load on your security devices, such as firewalls. If MSS-i detects a bottleneck, Swisscom’s security experts will quickly suggest a solution.

Swisscom examines the causes of actual and potential faults and ensures that they are sustainably resolved.

Availability Incident Management 

Release and Patch Management 

MSS-i uses availability incident management monitors to keep an eye on guaranteed availability and evaluates the results.

Swisscom checks releases and patches and automatically installs them – as long as it makes sense and does not pose a threat to security and stability.

Security Incident Monitoring and Management

Change Management 

The service collects security-related events before creating and classifying security incidents using automatic threat analysis.

You can make any changes you want via the dashboard with a simple mouse-click. Swisscom checks whether the change is sensible before implementing it carefully and providing you with a detailed report.

The Security Dashboard gives you a fast and up-to-date overview of the status of your security assets around the clock. You can view health, availability and security incidents by country and risk level —critical, high, medium and low. Risks are also presented based on an impact and likelihood scale. The dashboard provides granular search and query capabilities, and comprehensive reporting on incidents and logs.

The following information can be accessed:

  • Security device availability over the previous 24 hours
  • Overview of incidents, classified by site, device, status and level (incl. drill-down function)
  • List of information about individual incidents and what triggered them
  • Query builder to search for events and incidents
  • Overview of connections over a specific period of time  
  • Most frequent sources, destinations and ports with blocked packets
  • Port scans and spoofing attempts
  • List of planned security upgrades
  • Status of change requests
  • Management, compliance and other reports
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