Encryption with Cloud Data Privacy

Guaranteed data security for cloud and SaaS environments

For cost reasons, the cloud is a top priority for CIOs. And yet, unresolved issues relating to data security and protection often prevent companies from benefiting from the cost savings inherent in moving to the public cloud. Companies therefore need a solution that encrypts data before it is stored in the cloud to ensure that it meets data protection and compliance requirements.

Using encryption to ensure data security in the cloud

Regulatory aspects make the public cloud a challenge. Depending on the provider, data may be stored in other countries, and the security of the cloud infrastructure is in the hands of the provider. Encrypting sensitive data is the ideal solution if you want to maintain control of your data. And to do so before you send it to SaaS or cloud applications. Cloud Data Privacy serves as an encryption gateway and allows you to guarantee data protection and security, even outside the company.

Your benefits

Simplified cloud use in accordance with data protection

Compliance with GDPR, FADP and Schrems II regulations

The customer maintains control of security keys and encrypted data

When is it the right solution?

You need to optimise the company’s IT systems while reducing costs in order to meet the requirements of the business. You are also responsible for ensuring that regulatory and compliance requirements are met. To do so, data can be encrypted before being stored in the cloud.

SaaS services in the public cloud meet many company requirements for a flexible, scalable and cost-effective IT system. Cloud Data Privacy allows you to take advantage of these benefits, while ensuring that sensitive data, such as personal information, is protected. This enables you to comply with regulatory and legal requirements, such as FADP and GDPR, while also taking advantage of the benefits offered by SaaS services.

What’s in it for you

  • Security through the encryption/tokenization of data on SaaS platforms
  • Transparent gateway between corporate IT systems and cloud providers
  • Simple installation without modifying in-house infrastructure

Why Swisscom?

  • Flexible: No adjustments needed to endpoints, the network or cloud applications.
  • Comprehensive: We offer Cloud Data Privacy as managed service.
  • Individual: We configure and operate the encryption gateway in accordance with your needs.

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Factsheet Cloud Data Privacy

How Cloud Data Privacy works

Cloud Data Privacy is a gateway between endpoints and SaaS applications which encrypts or tokenizes personal information before it is stored in the cloud. Functions such as searching for or sorting data on SaaS platforms are retained.

Application examples

With Cloud Data Privacy’s encryption and tokenization, you can use SaaS services in line with compliance and data protection regulations.

Data protection for personal data in Salesforce

Generating test data

Privacy Preserving Analytics: data protection-compliant analyses

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