Mitigate attacks with DDoS Protection

DDoS Protection for continuous availability

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks overload the infrastructure, crippling communication with your company. Protective measures are essential to prevent such attacks from impacting business operations. These stop the attack before your infrastructure is affected.

DDoS Protection as a risk management measure

Due to the high number of DDoS attacks (in 2021, more than 150 DDoS attacks were recorded per day in Switzerland), this type of cyber attack must be included in any risk analysis. The protection of intangible goods, such as data, networks and the infrastructures of websites and online shops, is increasingly falling within the scope of risk management. Effective DDoS Protection helps to mitigate the risk of such an attack and thus improve protection.

Your benefits

  • Ensuring availability and business continuity
  • Active alerting to improve the visibility of DDoS attacks
  • Mitigating attacks reduces susceptibility to ransom demands

When is it the right solution?

As processes become increasingly digitised, customer contact is also primarily managed over digital channels. In view of this, business continuity of the IT infrastructure and defence against cyber attacks are becoming increasingly important for regular business operations. With a DDoS Protection Service, you can mitigate the risk of this attack vector.

The availability of business applications is of central importance for com­muni­cation with customers. You also need to protect the infrastructure from cyber threats such as DDoS attacks to prevent loss of revenue and damage to your reputation. To do this, you need a service that mitigates DDoS attacks before they impact your infra­structure. You can then safeguard the continued operation of dynamic applications, such as the online shop, e-banking or the interface to the ERP.

Why with Swisscom?

  • Proven: benefit from many years of experience and comprehensive support.
  • Comprehensive: both static and dynamic content are protected against DDoS attacks.
  • 24/7: you receive round-the-clock support and access to the self-service portal.

The first step


Version overview

There are two versions of DDoS Protection. These differ in terms of the scope of network layers protected.

DDoS protection scenarios

Swisscom Business Internet access is protected against common attacks such as a SYN/ping flood or UDP amplification. The Enhanced option also mitigates HTTP(S) attacks. Internet access and connected systems remain available and customer communication is ensured.

An ongoing DDoS attack is mitigated immediately due to predefined rules. This means that no valuable time is lost on the response and availability is ensured. The rules can be defined based on individual needs.

For companies without their own Security Operations Center (SOC), Swisscom can, as an additional service, assume responsibility for the monitoring and alerting of DDoS attacks.

A company wants to respond to DDoS attacks independently and as quickly as possible. A Swisscom specialist provides the security experts with training on defensive measures based on effective configuration of the Internet connection.

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