Attract new customers with Easypay

Because your customers always have their smartphone with them, they also carry their wallet wherever they go. Easypay is as convenient as a credit card and safer than cash. Products and services can be paid for quickly and securely, with payments charged to the customer’s Swisscom mobile bill.

Mobile Payment portfolio overview (PDF)

What is Easypay?

Easypay is the ideal payment solution for online purchases, ticketing, fast-food orders, e-papers, donations, etc.

  • Your customers can make purchases easily and securely in your online shop
  • The purchase amount is charged to your customers’ Swisscom bill
  • They do not need to register
  • Payments of up to CHF 100.– are possible
  • The solution works on all user devices (computers, smartphones, tablets)

Factsheet Easypay (PDF)

Your expert

Karim Abiriga

Senior Solution Consultant Compliance Products

Paying without a credit card

With Easypay, customers can use your online shop without a credit card.

Paying without cash

With Easypay, your customers can also pay small amounts without cash.

Pay without registering

Passwords are a thing of the past with Easypay.

Benefits of Easypay

With Easypay, you can offer your products and services to additional groups of buyers and therefore attract new customers.

  • Encourage your customers to make spontaneous purchases and increase your turnover
  • Even small amounts can be paid without any problem
  • The simple payment process means hardly any transactions are aborted

Easypay can easily be integrated into your mobile app or website and is extremely secure because Swisscom collects payments for you.

SMS/MMS Business Numbers

The simple solution for paying by SMS/MMS.

  • Offer your customers a simple solution for paying small amounts
  • The service is suitable, for example, for SMS ticketing in public transport, contests, mobile content, chat services, marketing campaigns and donations
  • There is no disruption caused by changes in media, and registration is not necessary
  • The purchase amount is added to the telephone bill, and Swisscom handles collection for you

Factsheet SMS/MMS Business Numbers (PDF)

SMS/MMS Short Numbers

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SMS/MMS Application Service Provider (ASP)

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