Send and receive a large number of SMS messages quickly anywhere in the world.

In today’s digital world, SMS messages are used in numerous business processes. They help financial institutions to authorise transactions, alarm centres to deal with activated alarms, companies with mobile marketing and enable communication between different systems. With SMS Large Account, you can easily send and receive large quantities of SMS messages anywhere in the world in a targeted way – without spending much time.


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Your benefits with SMS Large Account

Extensive reach

Easier communication with your customers. Send messages flexibly and individually to over 500 partner networks worldwide.

High throughput

Send up to 50 SMS messages per second worldwide. Your messages will reach their recipients in a very short space of time.

Simple and inexpensive

Reliably send SMS messages quickly, transparently and cost-effectively. You can easily connect your systems via a standardised SMPP interface, a REST-API or Email2SMS (SMTP).

Simplify your business processes with the help of our mobile solutions. Communicate easily worldwide with your customers, employees or systems, whatever mobile device they are using.


With SMS Large Account, we can assist you with your global networking in order to create real added value for you and your customers.


Concentrate on your core business.

You can use SMS Large Account to meet the increasingly complex needs of your customers or employees at all times.

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