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Swisscom Opticallink Services

Swisscom Opticallink Services

Bandwidths of as much as 100 Gbps
As much as 99.99% availability possible
End-to-end monitoring

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The data transmission service in the gigabit range that meets even complex requirements

Opticallink Services transport your data in the super-fast gigabit range: in-house (LAN), between your locations (WAN) and in server environments (SAN). All of your information, especially time-critical information, is available to you without interruption.

These are Swisscom Opticallink Services

  • The super-fast data transmission service from Swisscom with optical-fibre technology (fibre)
  • Data transport for the widest range of applications in the areas of LAN Service, Data Center, Switched Data Service and Synchronous Transmission Service
  • Thanks to a full-throughput gigabit Ethernet channel, time-critical data is available in your company’s networks throughout Switzerland
  • End-to-end monitoring and management by the Swisscom Network Management Center

Your advantages

  • Data transport in the gigabit range for high demands
  • Guaranteed availability of 99.95%, availability of up to 99.99% possible
  • Highest level of network quality and maximum failsafe performance
  • Various applications (SAN, LAN, WAN)
  • Security thanks to professional end-to-end monitoring and management

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