SCION – transporting sensitive data securely 

The secure, high-speed Internet under your control  

Private and public organizations need secure channels for data transmission. SCION, the next-generation Internet for B2B customers, can build a secure, private ecosystem for routing confidential data. Our partner Anapaya Systems AG has brought the network developed at ETH Zurich to industrial maturity.

Your benefits

Path control: you define the path the data packets will take 

Multi pathing: reliable performance using multiple network paths 

Security by Design: cyber-attack prevention

When is SCION the right solution?

If you depend on a highly secure network to share sensitive data across national or international secure ecosystems, as well as to determine and control the paths your data takes.

What’s in it for you

  • Complete overview of the network
  • Secure data transfer over trusted paths
  • Comprehensive immunity to routing attacks and DDoS

Why Swisscom?

  • We are the drivers of innovation: as a business innovation leader, Swisscom has been a sponsor of SCION development at ETH Zurich since 2012
  • We have the industry expertise: Swisscom is leads the Swiss market leader market as the largest and most experienced connectivity provider in Switzerland
  • We offer the full portfolio: high- or low-end business Internet suitable for your network needs

Is SCION right for you?

Would you like to learn more about secure and traceable data transport?

Today’s Internet no longer meets security requirements. At the same time, digitialisation increasingly requires the transport of data. Speak to our experts about steering a safe course through the data world.


How does SCION work?


Factsheet SCION

The value add of SCION

Path control

You determine how your data is transferred and control it so that it does not leave a defined area (e.g. Switzerland) or only passes through certain autonomous systems (AS). You define this in the forwarding path and thus guarantee your communication compliance. 


Multiple connection


Quality control

Use cases for SCION

A Switzerland-based company

How can SCION benefit a Swiss company that exchanges confidential data between its locations in Switzerland?

Multiple companies within Switzerland

In an international environment

  • "After working on securing today's internet for over a decade we found that only a new architecture can provide the strong properties we were seeking. Over the past 12 years we have been working on the SCION next-generation Internet architecture, with generous support from Swisscom that facilitated our research. The commercial deployment of SCION offers new opportunities that we expect from an Internet for the 21st century."

    Adrian Perrig - Professor ETH Zürich

  • «With SCION, we have achieved the desired resilience against cyberattacks»

    William Boye, Head of Network Services, SNB

More information about SCION

Microsoft Teams Telefonie

Resilient networks with SCION

«With SCION, we have achieved the desired resilience against cyberattacks»

Microsoft Teams Telefonie

Prof. Dr. Adrian Perrig im Interview

SCION – für ein sicheres Internet der nächsten Generation

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Whitepaper on the high-performance Internet of the future

Learn about the challenges associated with secure data transmission over the Internet and how to overcome these.

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SCION Technology

Transformation and Optimization of your International Connectivity.

Our partner

Cloud Foundry Certification

The Swiss software company Anapaya Systems AG makes SCION technology available to its partners, enabling them to customize the network paths for their B2B customers based on their requirements.

Would you like to know how SCION can benefit your company? Please put your questions to us. We will be happy to advise and support you.