Christoph Schinköth

Head of IT

 Administrative workload reduced from 4.0 to 0.2 FTE. 

Facts & Figures

November 2019


Company: Generali Holding AG

Headquarters: Adliswil

Industry: Insurance

Employees: 1'734

Security first  

Optimum transparency, compliance with stringent data protection requirements and all services from a single source. These were just some of the reasons why Generali Schweiz opted for Enterprise Mobile. The key requirement behind the collaboration was the need to support mobile, independent working – whether for making calls, accessing company data on the move or for ordering devices.

Less administration, more efficiency

Christoph Schinköth, ICT Service Manager at Generali Schweiz, sits in his office and looks at the latest reporting figures on the screen. The report shows that the move towards the standardisation of IT processes for mobile devices and subscriptions was the right one. Only a few months after the new mobile services were rolled out, he has been able to identify the first positive changes: “We have reduced our administrative workload from 4.0 to 0.2 FTE. We now have just one person who needs to spend around one day a week on all contract and device management. Previously, this required four people from two different departments.” Another plus point is that technical support is provided directly by Swisscom. “Employees having problems ordering new mobile devices, accessing their company data or who require assistance with their contracts can contact Swisscom directly. This greatly reduces the workload of our internal IT support team,” says Christoph Schinköth. This has significantly reduced personnel resources and administrative effort.


Everything from a single source

The need for standardised procedures, transparent reporting and a single point of contact were crucial for the collaboration. “In the past, the company had a number of different IT providers providing different services. The lack of harmonisation between the processes often resulted in considerable additional effort,” says Schinköth. He was therefore looking for strong technical support throughout the IT restructuring, and Swisscom was able to deliver: “We are gaining maximum benefit from this leading IT company’s valuable experience. From planning through to implementation, our needs were understood and proactively implemented.” Self-service is important to Generali Schweiz and is also appreciated by the employees. New mobile phones or tablets can be ordered independently and easily using the online tool. All information is available in the one place, whether for personal or business use. “Our employees are able to order additional devices or contracts for private use and connect these to their existing business account,” Christoph Schinköth explains.

Data protection guaranteed

The secure handling of data is governed by law, the insurance industry being subject to much tighter regulations than other industries. Compliance and data protection, therefore, were also of central importance to the rollout of the new IT services. “Which employees should be given access to which data and when/how? This was a central question for us at the start of the implementation,” explains the ICT Service Manager. Naturally, compliance with data protection requirements is paramount. Employees have to complete a two-factor authentication login in order to use the services. It was also important to us that the services be intuitive and user-friendly. “With appropriate awareness-raising and employee training, we have been able to show why the proper handling of data is so important,” continues Christoph Schinköth.


The IT manager closes his laptop – his work is done for today. He is confident about the future and is already thinking about the next IT project, “Customer needs, technologies and work cultures are all changing. If we are to become even more innovative and digital, we need a competent IT partner like Swisscom in our corner.”




Einhaltung des Datenschutzes


Employees have secure access to company data from their mobile devices thanks to multi-factor authentication. Data protection policies are adhered to at all times.

Less administrative work


Personnel costs, administration and processes have been optimised and made more efficient.

All services from a single source


Services, support and consulting are sourced from a single partner, providing complete transparency and standardisation.

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