Success Story of Gewerbe-Treuhand AG

«UCC supports our work culture perfectly and makes it easier for us to work with our customers.”»

Bruno Kaech,
CEO, Gewerbe-Treuhand AG

Modern communication tools for young and older talents.

Gewerbe-Treuhand AG provides services that help SMEs in numerous important areas. With a UCC solution from Swisscom, it has stepped into the communication of the future.

The challenge:
to manage the generation change.

As well as traditional trust, tax and auditing services, Gewerbe-Treuhand offers its customers outstanding solutions in real estate management and information technology. Efficient communication between the 150 or so employees, spread across eight locations, is crucially important, according to CEO Bruno Kaech. “It was not easy, but we had to accept that our analogue telephone systems were reaching the end of their useful life. We were also having problems with the speed of our Internet connection. We wanted a new solution that would equip all our locations with a common system and allow the integration of mobile devices. Last but not least, we wanted to offer young talents an attractive place to work and to be ahead of the game when IP replaces analogue telephony.”

The solution:
an easy step into a new world.

With a Unified Communications & Collaboration (UCC) solution from Swisscom, Gewerbe-Treuhand is well placed to meet future challenges. All communication tools are provided on a standard, robust Swisscom platform: employees can use IP telephony, chat, voicemail, Skype and e-mail not only in the office but also on their mobile devices during customer visits or at home. “Each employee can put together the system that’s right for them,” explains Bruno Kaech. “I find the presence indicator particularly useful: I can see at a glance who is available. And hands-free calling using the headset means I can get out the right documents without interrupting the call.” Switching was seamless. With the help of trained youngsters who are familiar with such technology, the older employees also quickly discovered the benefits of the new tools.

The result:
seamless communication makes people happy.

“UCC is a fantastic project in every respect,” says a delighted Bruno Kaech. “It was well planned and well implemented, and now everyone is pleased with the new possibilities it offers. UCC – as a managed service from Swisscom with MCC Microsoft – supports our work culture perfectly and makes it easier for us to work with our customers. Swisscom is the right partner for this: I am confident that it will always provide us with the latest technology, while data storage on servers in Switzerland is also important to us.”

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