Success Story of Libera AG

«Great simplification for the administrator, better consulting quality for our customers: the solution is impressive.»

Daniel Bollier,
Head of IT, Libera AG

Provision made for efficient communication over the long term.

Libera AG is a leader in consulting and management of Swiss pension funds. With Managed Business Communication from Swisscom, it is taking advantage of an attractive complete solution.

The challenge: modernise, simplify and optimise costs.

The approximately 80 employees of Libera serve their customers from two locations in Basel and Zurich. They rely on a smoothly functioning communication solution. The existing private branch exchange was outdated and could no longer be serviced. “It was also very complicated”, says Daniel Bollier, Head of IT. “Any change – for example, the name change of an employee – had to be done externally, with several days of waiting. The devices were expensive; we had to replace them frequently and manage them ourselves. We were looking for a new solution with which we would be up to date technically and which would make things easier for us. In addition, it needed to be interesting in terms of price and flexibly adapted to our business.”

The solution: everything from one source at an attractive fixed price.

Compared with other providers, Swisscom persuaded the most in terms of cost-benefit ratio with Managed Business Communication, reports Daniel Bollier. For a fixed monthly price per employee and in a manner that preserves liquidity, Libera gets everything it needs for efficient communication as a one-stop solution: a fully-fledged IP private branch exchange from the Swisscom Data Center, a flat rate for landline calls, modern devices, LAN and WAN networking, and support services. Thanks to the Evergreen guarantee, Libera is always up to date. Swisscom is responsible for operation and availability, but Libera maintains control over the solution.

The result: great service at a reasonable cost.

Daniel Bollier appreciates the flexibility of his new solution: “The simplification is great. On the selfservice platform, we easily order devices, set up user profiles and phone numbers and modify them within minutes. The high cost transparency also speaks for Managed Business Communication: we only pay for what we effectively use. Instead of receiving up to nine invoices as previously, we now get just one. Thanks to the high voice quality – and because we have both hands free with the headsets – the consulting quality has improved. Incidentally, all of this has whetted our appetite for more: recently we received the first mobile clients – landlines for the mobile network.”

Libera AG

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Managed Business Communication

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