Finance & Insurance

An economic environment that is expected to remain uncertain for many years, forced reorientation with respect to the acceptance of money from wealthy customers, increasing regulation and thus higher costs – all of this is making things very difficult for banks. Accordingly, they need solutions to assist them in cutting processing costs and keeping the security, compliance and regulatory requirements up to date. Whether it involves interaction with the end customer or the design of entirely new services – the importance of innovative business models with digital banking is increasing.


Security is a top priority at Valiant Bank. As digitisation progresses, cyber risks also increase: the potential targets within the bank increase. With Threat Intelligence as a Service (TIaaS) from Swisscom, Valiant is able to detect and combat potential attacks at an early stage.

Accarda AG

Accarda AG is a leader in customer cards, payment solutions and customer loyalty. Sensitive data of more than two million end customers enjoys maximum security in the Swisscom Data Center.

Aduno Group

Under the motto “the smart way to pay”, the Aduno Group covers the whole spectrum of cashless payment methods. It implemented SAP ERP in the space of 9 months.

ASGA Pension Fund

The ASGA Pension Fund is the largest independent community pension fund in Switzerland. With a Managed Cisco Solution from Swisscom, it is getting ready for the business of the future.

Berner Kantonalbank BEKB

In Swisscom Sharespace, the BEKB has a user-friendly “intranet in the guise of social media”. Information management is more efficient.

Further references to Finance & Insurance

Alternative Bank Switzerland

Alternative Bank Switzerland (ABS) is the ethical and ecological bank for people who like to know what is happening with their money. Alternative Bank Switzerland publishes all the loans it grants. This ensures that you know what your money achieves and even what good it does.

Privatbank IHAG

Privatbank IHAG Zürich has 93 employees and offers its customers top-quality private banking services. This is backed up by a powerful IT infrastructure. In setting up a backup computer centre, the bank is setting new standards with regard to security and availability.


UBS is managing an ever increasing proportion of its procurement transaction through Conextrade market platform. This streamlines the procedures involved, resulting in massive cost savings.


With nearly three million customers, PostFinance is one of the largest institutions in the Swiss financial sector. It is also one of the most customer-friendly: using the new Mobile ID authentication solution, e-finance customers can log in from anywhere in a secure manner by mobile phone.

mammut soft computing ag

mammut operates its finance software with Amazon Web Services by Swisscom. Customers benefit from increased security and added convenience.