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Ambitious Time-to-Market? Swisscom is the right partner for you."

Facts & Figures

July 2020

Company Facts:

Company: Yapeal

Industry: Banks

Number of employees: 24

Project Facts:

  • Fast time-to-market
  • Start-up environment
  • Financial Messaging Service Bureau (FMSB)

Fast connection to Swiss payment infrastructure

Neobank Yapeal went live with its offer in early July, 2020. Its customers can open an account via an app within five minutes – which can be used for shopping after just 30 minutes. The start-up relies on the expertise of Swisscom for its connection to the Swiss payment transactions infrastructure.

A start-up gets going

"Straight forward": This is how Daniel Capraro, CPO at Yapeal, summarises the strategy of his company. And in fact, the company really has got its foot to the floor. As the first Swiss company with a FinTech license, Yapeal was looking for a certified provider for its payment solution, which could keep up with the fast pace of a start-up and fulfil its special requirements.



"We built our architecture ourselves from A to Z," says Daniel Capraro, "and that does present a partner with a number of challenges. We expected a technology setup that works reliably with no functionality issues, the right features and an attractive price. What's more, we wanted a renowned provider that would also help us improve our image."

Fail-safe and efficient solution

From initial planning to commissioning in around three months: The Swisscom experts didn't waste any time during the setup of the Financial Messaging Service Bureau (FMSB). "They were real pros right from the very beginning," remembers Daniel Capraro.



"We received great support during every stage of the project. Swisscom's task was certainly more difficult than with a traditional bank, as our system is completely new. With regard to operation, the solution stands out thanks to its outstanding stability and performance. And it's simple, too: A few minutes of training are enough to get the employees off the mark." When asked about Yapeal's ambitious time-to-market, Daniel Capraro says: "Swisscom is the right partner for this."


Quick implementation

From initial planning to commissioning in three months.

Outstanding commitment

Special start-up requirements catered to completely.

Trustworthy partner

Image improvement through the cooperation with Swisscom.

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