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Multibanking helps to strengthen customers’ relationship with their main bank

Facts & Figures

September 2020

Company Facts:

Company: Aargauische Kantonalbank AKB

Industry: Banking

Number of employees: approx. 810

Project Facts:

  • Implementation: 4 months
  • Benefits: enhanced customer relations, clearer customer profiles, more payment transactions

Multibanking as a managed service

Aargauische Kantonalbank AKB is Aargau canton’s leading all-purpose bank for private and business customers. In order to enhance its relationship with its SME customers, it now offers them a Multibanking solution. Swisscom supports the bank with smooth integration and a managed service

How do you improve a bank’s relationship with its customers?

According to an IFZ survey, around 60% of SMEs use more than one bank, but they rarely switch their main bank. How does a bank remain – or become – its customers’ number one bank?


For Patrick Küng, AKB’s head of business customers and institutional banking, Multibanking plays an important role in this: “Multibanking enables us to offer our customers attractive additional benefits – as a central access point for intelligent liquidity management. We wanted to be one of the first banks to use such a service and the planning and implementation roadmap was just what we were looking for.” The Multibanking service was based on the existing front end provided by Contovista and the Crealogix back end.

E-banking with smart liquidity management

As a strategic partner that operates all of AKB’s customer-relevant systems, Swisscom, together with Crealogix and Contovista, was the number-one choice to plan, implement and operate the Multibanking solution. Only four months after the project started, AKB’s Multibanking system was ready for use.


“It strengthens our position as a main bank,” says Patrick Küng. “In addition, the Multibanking data gives us clearer customer profiles so we can look after our customers even better. We will also see a rise in the number of payment transactions.” The Contovista Multibanking module makes it possible to aggregate and gain a multi-bank perspective of third-party accounts in e-banking, enabling AKB’s SME customers to manage and plan their liquidity.

Benefits for AKB

A stronger customer relationship

Multibanking has attractive added benefits.

Enhanced customer support


Clearer customer profiles from Multibanking data.

Greater customer benefits

Simpler liquidity planning and management.

These products are used by the Company

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