"Secure authentication everywher"

Fabian Kollros, Head of Marketing, PostFinance

The story in brief:

With nearly three million customers, PostFinance is one of the largest institutions in the Swiss financial sector. It is also one of the most customer-friendly: using the new Mobile ID authentication solution, e-finance customers can log in from anywhere in a secure manner by mobile phone.

The initial situation: customers are becoming increasingly mobile

PostFinance has always placed an emphasis on independent customers. This approach is clearly appreciated, as it has around 1.8 million e-banking customers across Switzerland – more than any other bank – who perform their banking and payment transactions on the e-finance portal. Secure user authentication is extremely important here. To log into e-finance, users generate their access codes using yellow reader devices. These devices are usually kept in a single, fixed location. Customers therefore do not usually have any access to their accounts while on the move or when at work. Particularly for customers who travel a great deal, those responsible at PostFinance sought a highly secure mobile authentication solution.

About PostFinance

  • Sector: financial
  • Headquarters: Bern
  • Employees: > 3000 

The project with Swisscom

  • Mobile ID as a Managed Authentication Service
  • Complete service package at clearly calculable monthly costs
  • Highest security thanks to twofactor authentication


This product is used by PostFinance

Swisscom Mobile ID

Mobile ID protects access to your company data and applications with a comprehensive end-to-end solution for two-factor authentication (2FA).

The solution: first means of authentication that is always to hand

PostFinance has become the first Swiss financial institution to offer its customers the additional alternative of secure authentication using their mobile phone. It does so based on Mobile ID from Swisscom. This has the clear advantage for customers that they can perform banking transactions in a simple, secure and intuitive manner at any time wherever they happen to be. PostFinance uses Mobile ID as a managed authentication service receiving a complete service package from Swisscom at clearly calculable monthly costs. Thanks to the twofactor authentication (mobile phone or SIM card together with a personal Mobile ID PIN), Mobile ID is highly secure. With the great effort put into the integration of Mobile ID into the PostFinance environment, both parties have really done some pioneering work.

Customer benefits: improved image as innovation leader

«Mobile ID is trendy and helps us boost our image,» enthuses Fabian Kollros, head of Marketing Services at PostFinance. «It is the clever response to changed customer behaviour. It is thus possible to log into e-finance any time, from any place – a great advantage for users today in view of their increased mobility. Mobile ID is an innovative authentication solution that fits in very well with our service concept and meets our tough security requirements. We owe this to our e-finance customers.»

Porträt Fabian Kollros

"Mobile ID is the clever response to changed customer behaviour."

Fabian Kollros, Head of Marketing, PostFinance