Daniel Zgraggen

Deputy Chief of Operations

Uri Cantonal Police

The software solution is one of those innovations that you cannot live without after a very short time.

Daniel Zgraggen

Deputy Chief of Operations , Uri Cantonal Police

Facts & Figures

January 2020

Company Facts:

Firma: Uri Cantonal Police
Branche: Public sector
Anzahl Mitarbeiter: 170

Projekt Facts:

  • Efficient, standardised processes
  • Pooled knowledge
  • Rapid training for new employees
  • Seamless logging​

Uri Cantonal Police has deployed the AVANTI operations control system from Swisscom. The state-of-the-art software solution brings the operations and alarm centre in Flüelen (UR) up to the latest technical standards, ensuring more efficient processes. From the moment an emergency call is received to the deployment of emergency services – the whole process is now faster and more efficient. And the people of Uri can also enjoy the benefits.

The challenge: bringing systems & processes up to date

Uri Cantonal Police and its 170 employees ensure public safety, order and security in Uri. They intervene when there are accidents, burglaries or disputes, interview victims and perpetrators and investigate the facts. In the operations centre in Flüelen, the phones never stop ringing: 365 days a year, dispatchers receive information, before coordinating and organising help in emergency situations.


Prior to the introduction of AVANTI, the processes and knowledge around procedures were strongly linked to people. Each employee carried out individual work based on their years of experience. Despite considerable knowledge, it was not consistently organised and often only available in paper form. Just as in other industries, the environment has changed considerably in recent years, becoming increasingly complex. It was now the right time to take a big step towards digitisation.

Solution: standardised, efficient processes

But how has AVANTI proved its worth in day-to-day work? Daniel Zgraggen, Deputy Chief of Operations says: "The software allows us to increase our quality and efficiency when we handle incidents. It offers the highest level of data protection, reliably logs the processes and helps us to train new employees effectively thanks to our standardised procedures." It is now possible to train dispatchers in emergency communication and in dealing with incidents and processes quickly and in a structured way. The high level of transparency is another advantage: every activity is logged in an audit-proof system to enable the process and alarms to be traced at a later date.


“The software solution is one of those innovations that you cannot live without after a very short time,” says Zgraggen, emphasising the tremendous benefits of AVANTI again. At the end of the day, it's about immediate assistance. Anyone who has ever been in an emergency situation understands how important it is that help arrives immediately. The emergency services are quickly informed about where they need to be. That is what AVANTI does. 

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