Industry & Construction

In view of the intensive competition in the industry & construction segment, it is vital for enterprises to generate competitive advantages. This can be done with modern ICT solutions. More efficient and smooth global communication facilitates collaboration, and corporate software can speed up processes and boost efficiency while simultaneously reducing costs.

Walter Meier (Climate Switzerland) SA

With remote diagnostics and remote maintenance, Walter Meier (Climate Switzerland) Ltd is making the heat pump service more efficient. Data transmission via an IoT platform allows problems to be responded to quickly. And, thanks to the new “smart-guard” service, customers no longer have to worry about their heating.

dorma+kaba Group

For its new Internet-based access solution, the dorma+kaba Group is using the Enterprise Application Cloud. This enables the company to remain agile and offer new functionalities on the market as Software-as-a-Service.

ICS Identcode Systeme AG

ICS Identcode Systeme AG allows its customers to improve efficiency. It has equipped its two locations with an all-round communications package from Swisscom. The result: more speed, more convenience, lower costs.

Metalor Technologies SA

For precious metals specialist Metalor, constant availability of its servers and data security have the highest priority. Swisscom offers the company’s IT infrastructure a secure environment.

Further references to Industry & Construction

Baumann Sonnenschutz GmbH

The specialist for sun and weather protection was established in 2013 and required a complete ICT infrastructure as well as a single contact for all challenges relating to ICT within a very short period of time.

AGZ Holding

In Swisscom, AGZ has found a partner for modernisation that provides the required size and continuity. Together with Swisscom Business Consultants, the IT managers have found a solution that meets all requirements.

Alfred Müller AG

Alfred Müller AG, a contractor that constructs and markets high-rise properties, provides quality that will please property owners for many years to come. By replacing its entire company network (LAN), the company has fully prepared itself to face the challenges of the future.

Avesco AG

Major investments, numerous models and variants, acceptance of used machines in payment: the sale of Caterpillar construction machinery is a daily challenge for Avesco. The company also offers additional services such as hire, financing and full-service contracts.

DT Swiss Group

As the industry leader, DT Swiss Group wants to focus on its core competences – the development and production of new high-end components for bicycles. The processes behind this must be handled in a largely automated system with few intermediate steps and without any interfaces, which should ultimately result in the wheels turning faster.

Müller Martini

The globally active Müller Martini Group chooses Conextrade in its implementation of an end-to-end e-procurement strategy. The group uses the trading platform from Swisscom for paperless processing of orders and invoices.


The international subsidiaries of the Geberit Group bill one another for services rendered. Geberit now benefits from E-Invoicing International from Swisscom, a complete electronic solution, when processing its intercompany invoices.

Emch+Berger AG

With around 240 employees, Emch+Berger AG Bern has made its collaboration more efficient. A UCC solution from Swisscom makes it possible.

Hamilton Bonaduz AG

Hamilton Bonaduz AG trusts Managed Security Services from Swisscom. Its 11 branches across the world are protected from all kinds of cyberattacks by this cloud-delivered solution

EMCH Aufzüge AG

EMCH Aufzüge AG is the largest lift company with Swiss-based production. For the switch to IP-based communication in its lifts, the company relies on Swisscom.

Schindler Elevators Ltd.

Schindler Elevators have been using a Swisscom M2M solution for emergency call management and remote diagnosis since 2014 – bringing a host of benefits.


The Hälg Building Services Group is one of the leading Swiss building service providers. With a modern UCC solution from Swisscom, cooperation has been perfected.

Flachglas (Schweiz) AG

The Flachglass company is one of the leading glass refiners in Europe and has been producing high-performance functional glass for facades, interior fittings, vehicles and special applications for over 70 years.