Schindler Elevators Ltd.

Even safer lifts thanks to M2M technology

Andy Kurmann, Head of Sales Management Modernization, Schindler Elevators Ltd.

The story in brief:

Schindler Elevators Ltd. does its utmost to provide its customers with the highest safety standards and com­prehensive services. The company has been using an M2M solution from Swisscom for emergency call management and telemonitoring in Switzerland since 2014.


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The challenge: lift modernisation.

Since 2003, all lifts in Switzerland have had to be fitted with a two-way communication link for emergency calls. Until now, a fixed-line connection paid for by the lift owner has been the norm. However, a fixed-line connection entails not only monthly subscription and call costs, but, in most cases, expensive installation of emergency call system upgrades.

The solution: Swisscom M2M SIM cards as a standard lift component.

Swisscom M2M SIM cards are built in to the new emergency call and data transfer system that Schindler installs in its lifts. Calls are therefore carried via the mobile network – a change that has a whole series of benefits. The Connectivity Management Platform (CMP) can provide an overview of all lifts at any time: all SIM cards and connectivity can easily be centrally managed on the platform. As well as emergency calls, it is now possible to transmit real-time telemonitoring data, providing valuable information to the company.

‘We use the latest mobile communications technology for emergency calls.’

Andy Kurmann, Head of Sales Management Modernization

The result: shorter response times and a one-stop solution.

With the new solution, faults are reported directly to the service engineer’s smartphone. Thanks to the tele­moni­toring system, the engineer knows in real time what the problem is. He therefore does not waste time on site trying to identify the possible cause of the problem and already has the repla­cement parts that he needs. Customers can also obtain the whole package from a single provider: whereas in the past they bought the lift from Schindler and the communication system from Swisscom, they can now obtain an integrated solution from Schindler.

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