“Managed Business Communication enables us to keep developing optimally.”

With 400 employees, Geneux Dancet is the leading provider of sealing and roofing solutions in western Switzerland. The traditional company has recognised the benefits of efficient communication and is switching to MBC – the all-round package for the entire corporate communication.


Geneux Dancet was looking for a solution that would fulfil current and future communication requirements, such as being able to redirect calls to smartphones smoothly and free of charge. Or getting the private branch exchange to operate more easily and reliably. And the company wants to pay only for active lines and manage them easily.


MBC from Swisscom provides many features at an attractive monthly fixed price. The complete package contains an IP private branch exchange, a flat rate for Switzerland for calls and LAN and WAN networks, and service and support. For example, the self-service portal makes it easy to set up call groups or assign phone numbers.

Geneux Dancet SA

> Sector: Construction

> Locations: Meyrin, Lausanne, Yverdon, Fribourg, Sion, Neuchâtel

> Year founded: 1854

> Employees: 400

> Ambition: “We are an innovative and customer-oriented model company.”


Guillaume Gallaberthier

CIO Geneux Dancet SA

Mr Gallaberthier, please complete these sentences.

With Managed Business Communication we can …

“… look to the future optimistically.”

We are pleased with the solution because …

“… it removes all obstacles and we can keep developing optimally.”

Our customers benefit from MBC because …

“… the cost savings that it enables are also passed on to them.”

My slogan for Managed Business Communication is:

“Loading – for the big tasks!”

These products are used by Geneux Dancet SA

Managed Business Communication

Modern telephony solution at a fixed monthly price. Ideal for small and medium enterprises and companies with a branch structure. Find out more about Managed Business Communication now.