Success Story of Hamilton Bonaduz AG

«Security issues are becoming more and more important. It’s great that Swisscom is helping us with a standard global solution.»

Daniel Bombis,
Head of IT Platform, Hamilton Bonaduz AG

Spotless conditions for web and e-mail traffic

DHamilton Bonaduz AG trusts Managed Security Services from Swisscom. Its 11 branches across the world are protected from all kinds of cyberattacks by this cloud-delivered solution.

The challenge: to find a standard, scalable security solution

Hamilton is one of the world’s leading companies in the medical technology, lab automation, sensor and liquid handling sectors. The market is hotly contested, so protecting valuable trade secrets from covetous outsiders is high on the priority list. “Our previous security solution caused performance issues,” explains Daniel Bombis, Head of IT Platform. “Also, it wasn’t scalable, and we couldn’t integrate our ten other branches in ten different countries into the system. We wanted to change that with a new security platform. We needed a solution that was very reliable, easy to use and did not interfere with our users’ work.”

The solution: maximum security in the Swisscom cloud

A single login that gives users access to all the systems they have permission to use and common settings on every device – whether in the office, home office or on the move, anywhere in the world: this is what Web & Mail Security Services from Swisscom offers Hamilton’s employees. Thanks to the cloud-based approach, the latest threats are identified and blocked in real time. With URL filtering, antivirus and antispam, advanced threat protection and Web 2.0 Control, users are always kept safe on the web and in their e-mail activities. Swisscom is the only provider to offer data storage in Switzerland. There’s no need for expensive investments in hard- and software because Hamilton pays for the cloud-based solution as a service.

The result: bad news for viruses, malware, etc.

“For the first time ever, we have a security solution for all our branches that we can manage in a uniform way,” says a delighted Daniel Bombis. “In addition, we can easily create individual whitelists and blocks for the first time. Integrating our international branches was easy because the solution is fully scalable. The analysis tools are also useful: in the reporting system, for example, all our branches can be analysed individually, going back up to six months. For a fair fixed price per client, we get much more for our money than with our previous solution. In short, we’re able to give optimal protection to our branches and users and, at the same time, we don’t need to worry so much about security issues.”

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