Success Story of Cablex

«Our modernised IT system supports us optimally in providing services unmatched in the market.»

Sascha Spasovski,
Programme Manager/CIO, Cablex

Efficient construction and service management through integrated processes

Network specialist cablex is well equipped to meet the requirements of the infrastructure market both today and tomorrow – thanks to Swisscom’s expertise in SAP, processes and technology.

More than 110,000 construction and service orders per year, 1100 employees, 20 locations: at cablex, transparency and efficiency are of decisive importance. This specialist in network infrastructures, which operates throughout Switzerland, thus committed to an ambitious programme that would universally standardise the overall value added chain and address customer needs. SAP solutions and Swisscom expertise supported cablex in these efforts.

The managers at cablex, one of the leading suppliers of high-performance ICT and network infrastructure solutions, take great pride in running an organisation that has earned the label “high-performance”. The company, which operates throughout Switzerland, committed itself to an ambitious development strategy named “Ready4theFuture”, and in the process set as its goal integrated, seamless processes. To achieve this, the network specialists relied primarily on standard SAP solutions and process and technology expertise from Swisscom.

Leaner, better different

Ready4theFuture began with the evaluation of suitable software capable of full integration and without any media discontinuity between the core and support processes. Previously,a great deal of corporate data had been collected and processed in individual ways through individual solutions that had developed inorganically – including opportunity andsupply analysis, work preparation, resource planning and procurement. Key additional criteria were that the new solution should offer the ability to unify process management and levels of standardisation. The requirements profile also included the modernisation and total integration of the CRM area.


The path to integrated and seamless processes began in 2010 with the introduction of the sector solution SAP Bau, and that was followed consistently in the direction of end-to end processes in construction development. Today, every step is managed in the SAP system: from the analysis of business opportunities, through tenders and calculations to developinga quotation and the subsequent preparation of contracts, planning of processes and resources, execution and finally invoicing. “With new Cockpit and KPI views, we canincrease transparency and better control efficiency. That is reflected immediately in our business success,” states Sascha Spasovski, Programme Manager/CIO at cablex with satisfaction.

Optimised field service management

Many service organisations do not have an exact overview of what service technicians actually accomplish on site. With the knowledge that predictions, planning and scheduling form the basis for effective field service, cablex was looking for a modern, userfriendly solution for mobile workforce management. It found it in the ClickSchedule and ClickMobile modules from ClickSoftware. In a simple way, these modules provide all the functions needed to perform operative resource planning (personnel and equipment), organise tasks to support deployment such as order forwarding, and any routine optimisations – all while on the road. Information such as status, time, performance, materials and so on are reported back from the construction site to the SAP system using the Swisscom Storebox. In addition, thanks to automatic document exchange, blueprints, analyses and monitoring reports are available everywhere, all the time. For Spasovski, mobile workforce management increases efficiency in two ways: “By establishing a connection to our employees at the customer site, our service managers can make appropriate decisions in realtime based on continually updated information. At the same time, our field service employees can significantly increase their efficiency and productivity through access to key information.”

Comprehensive view of the customer

Cablex set as its goal high standards and full integration even in processes in which the customer is involved. This goal was achieved with SAP CRM. The overall management of opportunities, activities, offers and sales runs in a structured, transparent manner. Central access to continually updated information has led to a high level of professionalism and the ability to provide information in contact planning and customer interaction. The electronic linking of customer systems, including SLA management and ticketing with status updates, have significantly increased the quality of services provided. Spasovski notes that “today, all customer-related processes are structured to be seamless and integrated. Our customers notice this very directly in the form of higher quality and faster response times.”

Cablex (PDF)

Main Points in Brief

Installierte Module

  • SAP ERP with
    - SAP Bau
    - SAP Module FI/CO/PS/SD/MM/CS
  • SAP BW
  • SAP PI
  • ClickSchedule
  • ClickMobile
  • Swisscom Storebox


Advantages at a glance

  • Integrated solution from business opportunities to invoicing; integration of SAP ERP with the SAP Bau sector solution
  • Seamless processes using the SAP CRM and SAP ERP systems all the way through to reporting in SAP BW
  • Automated workflow from order placement through to feedback via mobile devices
  • No duplicate data collection thanks to centrally stored, mobileaccessible documents
  • Integration of tools for mobile workforce management with automatic document exchange using the Swisscom Storebox
  • Interface to customer systems for order and invoice processing

These products are used by Cablex

Process Integration

To us, process integration means: customised services for integrating customers, partners and suppliers into your business processes.

Customer Relationship Management

SAP CRM consulting that makes your customer-centric processes in marketing, sales, service centers and after sales more professional.

Enterprise Resource Planning

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