New intranet platform for cablex

The story in brief:

With the new intranet solution, cablex now benefits from a modern, interactive and visuallyappealing communication platform that efficiently provides relevant news.

Cablex specialises in the construction, maintenance and operation of high-performance ICT, network solutions and smart infrastructure projects. Communicating and exchanging information with employees is central to the company. Thanks to Swisscom’s new intranet solution, all employees now have access to internal company information at all times – even on the move.

About Cablex AG

  • Industry: IT & communication
  • Number of employees: >2'500
  • Sites: >50
  • Head office: Gümligen

About the project

  • A modern, efficient and mobile-optimised information and communication platform
  • Low administrative effort thanks to centralised administration
  • The latest relevant news available at all times


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The challenges

Although cablex employees were already provided with company-relevant news in the past via an internal platform, this no longer meets the technical status quo. It was also difficult to manage, confusing and not designed for communication purposes. Regular newsletters, e-mails and printed postings hung up at specific corporate locations – so-called “info points” – provided employees with additional relevant information about the company.

Cablex Content and Social Media Manager Zaira Tschudi explains the decisive factors behind the new intranet: “Conventional communication channels didn’t enable us to reach most of our staff to a sufficient extent. About 70% of our employees are on the road every day and work at a construction site or on a customer’s premises. They therefore rely on having information that they can call up quickly and which they can also read on the move.” Even searching for company-specific information, for example on HR or management topics, used to be cumbersome and time-consuming.


The new intranet solution enables cablex to now benefit from a modern, interactive and visually appealing communication platform. Relevant news is communicated efficiently and information can be found intuitively. “We can now inform our employees much faster and in a more targeted manner than in the past. People like reading and commenting on the news, which further promotes the exchange of information between employees,” Zaira Tschudi says. Crucially, important information is no longer being overlooked: Thanks to a mobile-optimised design, employees can access the cablex intranet on their smartphone or tablet at any time.

The daily work of the communications department has also changed since the introduction of the new intranet platform, as Zaira Tschudi explains: “Today we can manage all content simply, efficiently and independently. This provides significant added value that ensures all cablex employees are always informed and up to date. The entire process – from information entry to publication – is now much faster and more efficient.”

The new intranet platform is constantly being improved and expanded with the addition of new functions. Push messaging will soon be used to notify employees about specific information that is relevant to them. This will ensure that employees will in future be supplied even more quickly with the most important corporate information, tailored to them personally.

Portait Zaira Tschudi

«We can now inform our employees much faster and in a more targeted manner than in the past. »

Zaira Tschudi, Content & Social Media Manager, cablex AG