«Swisscom provides our servers with an optimum level of security.»

The GILAI association operates and manages the IT solutions of the disability insurance (DI) authorities of 19 Swiss cantons and Liechtenstein. It provides its members with standardised IT solutions. At the Swisscom data centre the data and infrastructure are perfectly protected and always available.


DI data is highly sensitive and, together with with the applications, it must be available to the DI administrators at all times. However, setting up and operating a highly secure environment for the IT infrastructure involves high costs that are unsustainable for most companies. For this reason, the association went looking for an expert hosting partner.


In a selective public process, Swisscom convinced those responsible at GILAI with their complete solution. It comprises the housing of the servers in a highly secure Swisscom data centre, a disaster recovery plan and procuring and maintaining all components of the network of the redundant data centre.


> Sector: Public sector

> Location: Vevey

> Members: DI authorities of 19 cantons and Liechtenstein 

> Employees: 16

> Task: The efficient, sustainable management of the IT of DI 


Philippe Fardel

Director GILAI

Mr Fardel, please complete the sentences...

With Swisscom Telehousing metro we benefit...

«...from professional, specific expertise for our IT infrastructure.»

We are pleased with the solution because...

«…it frees up personnel and financial resources for our core business.»

Our members benefit from Telehousing metro because…

«…it guarantees the availability and security of their IT systems.»

My advertising slogan for Telehousing metro is: 

«Hyper-convergent IT for companies in digital era 4.0.»

This product is used by GILAI