“Swisscom understands a range of forward-looking forms of work.”

Privera SA is considered a leading innovator on the Swiss real estate market. As a leading innovator, it is forcefully driving forward the digitisation of its business and working processes. Its in-house Community, PRI2MORROW, is bring employees closer to new collaborative tools.


All Privera employees use Skype for Business. However, most of them use it just for phone calls. They could communicate more effectively and save on business trips by using chats, and audio and video conferencing. How do we get them to enjoy using the new tools – and thereby establish
a new collaborative culture across the company?


Swisscom has empowered Privera to independently implement a change to work and culture with a Work Smart Coaching project. The PRI2MORROW Community, made up of around 20 young employees, came about following several supported workshops. They are using explanatory videos, posters, a roadshow and a chat etc. to get the other employee ready for the new tools.

Privera AG

> Sector: Real estate services

> Branches: 12 in 3 linguistic regions of Switzerland

> Employees: approx. 450

> Activities: Management, centre, rental and construction management, trading

> Credo: “We make more from real estate.”


Katharina Bornhauser

Communication Specialist

Ms Bornhauser, please complete the following sentences.

Thanks to our new Community, we can …

“… collaborate more intensively and reach employees more effectively.”

We like the solution because …

“… it is fun building something up with smart young people.”

Our customers benefit from the Community’s dedication because …

“… we have more time for them, thanks to streamlined processes.”

Our slogan for the Community is:

«No more sorrow with PRI2MORROW!»

These products are used by Privera AG

Work Smart Coaching: Community Co-Creation