Artificial intelligence brings us closer to our customers

“We know which issues are important to our customers and what their mood is, and can react to it quickly.”

Swisscom develops services in the field of artificial intelligence for its corporate customers. The solutions are individualised – just like the “Sonar” software used to aggregate and evaluate customer feedback. Swisscom Channel Management is using it to improve interaction with customers.


How do you successfully identify your customers’ moods quickly, exhaustively and precisely? Previously this process was time-consuming to organise: customer feedback and opinions can turn up on innumerable communication channels – such as Facebook and forums, as well as on resources only accessed internally, such as customer chat logs, call centres or emails.


Sonar gathers customer feedback on defined topics – such as new inOne products – available on all external and internal channels. Artificial intelligence is used to automatically identify the mood that characterises a statement, using it to generate insights and visualise the results. Highly sophisticated algorithms allow the AI system to understand the meaning of texts.

Swisscom Channel Management

> Sector: Telecommunications

> Location: Berne

> Customers: Residential customers,
     SME, enterprise customers

> Employees: 200

> Ambition: To create the best customer
    experience – online, offline and at
    the POS


Stephan Mignot

Head of Channel Management Swisscom

Mr Mignot, please complete the sentence...

Artificial intelligence from Sonar …

“…provides us with data-based groundwork so better decisions are made.”

We are pleased with the solution because …

“…we can understand the customer mood quickly, accurately and fully.”

Our customers benefit from Sonar because…

“…the opportunities for their voices to be heard increase.”

My advertising slogan for Sonar reads:

“Combining intuition with data.”