“The virtual data centre adapts to new requirements by the minute.”

zurichnetgroup AG is one of the leading ICT service companies for SMEs. Their all-in-one packages for IT, telematics and cloud requirements hand their customers the keys to the future of working life. Swisscom drives these solutions with powerful Dynamic Computing.


Over 200 SME customers of zurichnetgroup want to use digitalisation to speed up their processes. And they will not compromise on the quality, availability or security of their ICT solutions. It is also crucial that their data be kept in Switzerland. Thus, zurichnetgroup needs a reliable partner to provide a flexible infrastructure.


IT power from the cloud at the touch of a button: zurichnetgroup’s solutions are run in the Swisscom ­Dynamic Data Center. This virtual data centre can be quickly adapted to current requirements, giving customers maximum flexibility for their business. Meanwhile, zurichnetgroup doesn’t have to invest in its own IT infrastructure.

zurichnetgroup AG

> Sector: ICT

> Location: Zurich

> Employees: 21

> Ambition: “Always within our customers’ reach.”


Michael Müller

CEO of zurichnetgroup AG

Mr Müller, please complete the following sentences.

With Dynamic Computing Services from Swisscom …

“… we fulfil our customers’ high expectations.”

We are happy with the solution because …

“… we can concentrate on developing our services.”

Our customers benefit because they ...

“... can work effectively and use new tools anywhere, seamlessly.”

My advertising slogan for Dynamic Computing Services:

“Cloud – 100% made in Switzerland!”

These products are used by zurichnetgroup AG