Success Story of Eduard Geistlich und Söhne AG

««With UCC we have fewer business trips, save money, and minimise the impact on the environment. Collaboration has become far more efficient.»

Martin Aeberhard,
IT-Security Officer & IT-Projects, Eduard Geistlich und Söhne AG

UCC – the right medicine

Geistlich Pharma AG is a leading provider of medical products, drugs and speciality chemicals. A Unified Communications and Collaboration (UCC) solution from Swisscom enables productive forms of collaboration.

Initial situation: increasing efficiency in international communication

Geistlich Pharma AG, a member of the Geistlich Group, is an international company and operates in an extensive network of relationships. In addition to the Swiss sites of Geistlich Pharma AG, the company works with a number of national subsidiaries and external partners such as researchers, physicians and professors across the world. Communication between these parties is intensive, and in the past required fre quent business trips generating high costs. In addition, management by means of the existing communication channels was not effective enough. A new solution was required to simplify collaboration and help reduce costs.

Solution: UCC for healthy development

Swisscom offered Geistlich a UCC system for efficient communication and productive collaboration. On a Microsoft OCS platform (Office Communications Server), employees and partners can access numerous functions, e.g. for presence management, video conferencing or instant messaging. The UCC solution was implemented in four steps: first, the Swiss sites were connected to each other, and video conferencing with external partners was then set up. The entire UCC functionality was installed for particularly close partners, and finally, the subsidiaries were integrated in the new solution.

Customer benefits: efficient communication across all channels

«With UCC we have achieved our objectives», says Martin Aeberhard, Head of IT Security & Projects at Geistlich. «Our employees travel less, and as a result we save money and minimise the impact on the environment. Our head office is now in a position to manage the subsidiaries more effectively. Thanks to improvements in communication, decisions can be made more quickly and we have a shorter time to market. Meetings with our research partners, who can be any - where in the world, can be held practic ally at the touch of a button – which accelerates the project process. The user-friendliness of the UCC platform makes all of this possible.»

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