“The Swisscom and Huawei network for the stock of switches guarantees reliability and availability.”

When it comes to connectivity, the International School of Geneva needs to be able to meet the demands of its management, students and teachers alike. The collaboration between Huawei and Swisscom has made it possible for a new stock of high-performance switches to be installed. 

The challenge

A faultless network is crucial for education in a school with 4500 students that strives to achieve excellence. Its reliance on bandwidth meant that the technology for a system that supplies 350 classrooms needed to be upgraded. The International School of Geneva needs an installation that is adaptable enough to enable it to take any advances into consideration and thereby constantly deliver the optimum IT service. 

The solution

Thanks to the joint solution offered by Huawei and Swisscom, the revamping of the stock of Huawei S5720 switches now offers flawless connectivity. Optimally conceived and boasting value for money, this integration of an eSight centralised management solution that incorporates switches old and new makes it easy to use video conferences, Google Apps and any online content, thanks to its 10GE technology.

The International School of Geneva

> Business unit: IT

> Site: Geneva

> Ambition: “Trouble free operations!”


Mark Grace

IT Manager

Mr Grace, could you please complete the following sentences?

The stock of Huawei-Swisscom switches…

“...shows that we are preparing for the future.”

We like the solution because...

“...both manufacturers provided us with experts.”

Our customers benefit from it because they can...

“...consider the slightest problem an anomaly, and not typical.”

My promotional slogan for the solution would be:

“Consistency and a wealth of possibilities!”

Our partner

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