«Connectivity as a decisive factor for competition»

As the largest venue for events in Switzerland, Zurich Hallenstadion AG has made itself fit for the digital future. Planned, installed and operated jointly by Swisscom and Huawei, they now have a WLAN infrastructure in place that delivers broadband connectivity to every corner of the building complex. The infrastructure not only makes unforgettable experiences possible for the visitor, but also forms the basis for new service offerings and faster processes.

The challenge

Visitors to events at the venue have rapidly growing digital needs, which are also increasing the demands that organisers make of the venue operators. New digital events like those to be found on YouTube, or in the gaming world, result in the need for multimedia options that are both seamless and interactive. Similarly, conventional concert organisers and companies want to make use of modern communications means, such as virtual reality or holographic projections. In the internationally contested arena market, all this has transformed connectivity into a decisive competitive factor.

The solution

203 WLAN access points, systematically distributed throughout the venue, now ensure seamless broadband coverage. In their role as partners, Swisscom and Huawei performed detailed measurements of the signal transmissions throughout the building to facilitate this. The building network has also been upgraded to meet growing needs. The network is designed redundantly and therefore offers maximum reliability. In addition to providing the backbone function for the WLAN, it facilitates a comprehensive building management system, which, amongst other things, is used to control the lighting, and play digital signage monitors placed throughout the complex. The whole infrastructure is operated as a managed service.


Hallenstadion AG

> Location: Zürich, Switzerland

> Founding year: 1939

> Event staff: around 750


Felix Frei

CEO Hallenstadion AG

Mister Frei, please complete the following sentences:

Seamless connectivity creates  …

«… a powerful basis for all future digitisation projects».

Visitors get to benefit from unforgettable experiences  …

«… the organisers benefit from simplified logistics and we benefit from new business opportunities».

Swisscom and Huawei are ...

«... also innovation partners, who help us to develop new service models».

Our partner

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