«Swisscom’s customer centricity is the key to our long-standing partnership.»

TNT Swiss Post was founded in 2000 and is a joint venture between TNT Express and Swiss Post International, in which both are equal partners. The successful company provides a wide range of delivery services connecting Europe, with over 55,000 road haulage journeys and around 700 flights per week. To ensure the smooth running of logistics operations, TNT Swiss Post uses Swisscom’s Managed UCC, Enterprise WAN and NATEL® go services.


TNT Swiss Post provides an international door-to-door network in more than 200 countries and regions. In addition to the group headquarters in Buchs in the canton of Aargau, the company also operates three further sites in Geneva, Balerna in the canton of Ticino and at Basel-Mulhouse Airport. Each day, millions of packages, documents and freight consignments are reliably delivered throughout the world. This makes TNT Swiss Post dependent on reliable logistics that require a well-functioning communications infrastructure. Unlimited connectivity and high availability are crucial factors to ensuring competitiveness.


TNT Swiss Post uses an IP-enabled communication service incorporating the Expression call center. The company has recently started to use Managed UCC (Unified Communications & Collaboration) with an integrated voice recorder and call volume monitoring system. The different sites are connected through the Enterprise WAN (Wide Area Network) managed service. This location-independent communication system facilitates simple, flexible collaboration no matter where staff are. Enterprise WAN allows the stable, secure communication of data with tailored bandwidth and individual service levels. NATEL® go provides TNT Swiss Post with easily scalable mobile services for any application, whether for drivers using hand-held scanners or for other employees using smartphones and tablets.

TNT Swiss Post
  • Sector: Transport & Logistics
  • Location: Buchs/AG (Headquarters) as well as Geneva, Balerna/TI and Airport Basel-Mulhouse
  • 55'000 road transports and about 700 flights per week (Europe)
  • Number of employees: 56'000 (worldwide), 700 (Switzerland)

Matthias Anderau

IT Manager Switzerland/Austria bei TNT Swiss Post

Mr. Anderau, please complete the following sentences…

Combining Managed UCC and Enterprise WAN facilitates...

«… simple, centralised administration and monitoring of all Swisscom services.»

At all our sites, our employees benefit from...

«… highly available solutions that meet requirements, which provide efficient support for their daily work.»

Swisscom’s communication service helps us ...

«... to operate and connect our customer-friendly, scalable call centers across all of Switzerland’s linguistic regions.»

Swisscom’s extensive and highly available mobile network...

«... is crucially important to the day-to-day work of our drivers in particular.»

These products are used by TNT Swiss Post


Consolidate all local networks (LANs) at all national and international locations into a single communications infrastructure.