COFRA Holding AG

“Installing a new workstation takes less than an hour.”

Mike Siegenthaler, Head IT Infrastructure and Services

The story in brief

COFRA Holding AG’s roots stretch back to 1841, when the C&A clothing company was founded. Today, as well as C&A, the holding company looks after the interests of several group companies worldwide. Thanks to Smart Workplace from Swisscom, it has ensured that its workplaces meet the highest standards.


At COFRA, mobile working is growing in popularity, new applications such as videoconferencing need a high level of performance and things are becoming more complex. The company’s thin client workstations with Citrix servers were no longer able to meet these growing demands, says Mike Siegenthaler, who looks after COFRA’s 900+ IT workstations worldwide.
“We looked for a strong partner for a new generation of workplaces, who would provide optimal support for our cloud and SaaS strategy. It also needed to be able to deliver a highly standardised workplace management solution for our global device fleet that would work without any infrastructure in any country.”

About COFRA Holding AG

  • Industry: Shared services for group companies
  • Locations: 17 sites in 15 countries

The project with Swisscom

  • Efficient self-service system
  • Stable operation
  • Central workplace management


These products are used by COFRA

Modern Workplace

With modern workplace solutions, you can shape the working world of tomorrow and provide your employees with efficient IT workstations and services.


COFRA employees can set up their new laptops themselves via the Internet, wherever they are. All they need is their Smart Workplace login data. The set-up, including Microsoft 365 applications, Adobe Reader and various browsers, takes less than an hour. “The standard package meets the vast majority of our needs and the worldwide self-service system lightens our workload considerably,” explains Mike Siegenthaler.
He describes some of the solution’s other benefits: “Workstation availability and performance are greatly enhanced, while the quality of videoconferences has been vastly improved. And we’ve saved a lot of time thanks to the central management of all our workstations worldwide.”

Mike Siegenthaler

“Installing a new workstation takes less than an hour.”

Mike Siegenthaler, Head IT Infrastructure and Services