Success Story of Karl Vögele AG

«Microsoft 365 from Swisscom greatly speeds up and simplifies work in our branches.»

Daniele Sbaiz,
IT manager, Karl Vögele AG

The elegant solution when communication is not as smooth as it should be.

With around 350 branches in Switzerland and Austria, Vögele Shoes has significant communication requirements. An Microsoft 365 solution from Swisscom makes everything simpler.

The challenge: to take a big stride into the present.

Vögele Shoes head office used to send information to its branches in an almost exotic fashion. Daniele Sbaiz, IT manager, explains: “Internal messages were sent on paper. Short e-mails could also be sent to the tills and printed out on sales receipts.” In order to satisfy the needs of a dynamic business, Vögele Shoes urgently needed a modern communications solution. Daniele Sbaiz describes what they were looking for: “The new solution needed to be flexible enough for us to be able to connect new branches immediately. It also had to be easy to integrate into our existing infrastructure: our branches are equipped with tablets, but they don’t have any PCs or servers.”

The solution: a tailor-made cloud model with a secure profile.

Today, Vögele Shoes distributes information quickly and accurately using a Microsoft 365 platform from Swisscom. Swisscom experts have created an intranet and a high-performance communications solution with SharePoint Online and Exchange Online, adapted it to the company’s specific needs and put it into operation. The new possibilities are inspiring: in branches, for example, staff can find new product information, images and presentations on their tablets in seconds. Head office can efficiently send messages to all branches simultaneously. Customers also benefit: using touchscreens in the branches, they can select from an extended range of products and order them there and then.

The result: objectives met in double-quick time.

Daniele Sbaiz is delighted with the new solution: “We finally have a communications solution that can keep step with our innovations. Our in-store and online sales are both growing rapidly. Microsoft 365 provides important tools to support this. The Swisscom service offers excellent value for money: we no longer need to worry about storage, backups and monitoring. We have a contract under Swiss law and really value the direct contact we have with Swisscom experts.”

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