600 software packages delivered on time.

Patrick Mosberger, Head of IT infrastructure, Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund

The story in brief:

Migros is equipping around 20,000 workplaces with the new M-Workplace. Swisscom is providing needs-based support with software packaging.

The challenge: avoid bottlenecks in the rollout.

The Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund’s IT infrastructure services are embarking on an ambitious project to equip Migros branches with the M-Workplace, a modern new workplace solution. The rollout involves around 20,000 centrally managed, differently structured M-Workplaces, each featuring the precise combination of applications required in the field of activity concerned. The broad spectrum of software to be supplied ranges from Office applications to CAD applications and multilingual label programs. “The dynamic of the rollout creates peak workloads that we can’t always manage ourselves,” explains Patrick Mosberger, head of IT infrastructure. “That’s why we looked for a reliable partner capable of delivering software packages on time.”

About Migros-Genossenschafts-Bund

  • Sector: Wholesale & Retail
  • Employees: > 100'000
  • Stores: >1'100

The project with Swisscom

  • Delivering software packages on time
  • Transparent and predictable costs
  • Support with preliminary clarifications and formulation of requirements


These products are used by the Federation of Migros Cooperatives

Software packaging

Efficient software deployment and straightforward distribution of applications to your workstations. Swisscom takes care of everything, from analysis through to quality assurance. Find out more about software packaging now.

The solution: predictable, flexible packaging delivered on time.

With the packaging service from Swisscom, Migros found the ideal solution. In a framework contract, it was agreed that Swisscom experts would create 600 time-critical software packages. Swisscom offered a price per package, which meant the cost was transparent and predictable. The varying complexity of the packages and their use (e.g. for physical or virtual M-Workplaces) was taken into account in the price structure. Before creating the packages, the Swisscom experts visited Migros IT staff for preliminary discussions and to help them formulate their requirements. The finished packages are tested in a Swisscom environment before being delivered to Migros. The Swisscom service is highly scalable. It does not matter whether Migros needs a handful or more than 100 packages in a month: they are delivered on time.

The result: a significant reduction in the project team’s workload.

Patrick Mosberger can see that collaborating with Swisscom has numerous advantages: “It means we can cope with our peak workloads and concentrate on other important aspects of the main project. The package quality is good and we also benefit from the experience that Swisscom has gained from other projects. We also value the proximity of a local Swiss partner.”

Porträt Patrick Mosberger

“Thanks to Swisscom’s high quality and flexibility, software packaging is in good hands. That’s good to know.”

Patrick Mosberger, Head of IT infrastructure