Cloud & Infrastructure

  • Software-defined networking

    Why there is no getting around software-defined networking

Management Summary

The cloud as an accelerator for the digital transformation: With flexible Cloud Computing Services, you have precisely the IT resources on hand that you need.

Study & Whitepaper

Current studies, exciting trends and practical application examples relating to the cloud are available free of charge in our Download Center.

Cloud Session

We’ll introduce you to our cloud solutions, show you a live demo of a data centre in use, and demonstrate possible applications for your company.

Selected offers

Dynamic Computing Services

Obtain a virtual IT infrastructure from Swisscom data centers in Switzerland. Dynamically adapt the IT infrastructure to business requirements.

Application Cloud

Easy access to a development environment that allows you to develop and market new business ideas with greater speed, freedom and purpose.


Storebox is the secure cloud business storage, especially suited for securing and exchanging business data - with every device.