ISG Provider Lens 2021

Swisscom continues to lead the way in the Swiss cloud market

Independent market research company ISG evaluated Switzerland’s leading cloud providers again this year. Once more, Swisscom led the way in all the analysed areas. With an attractive, comprehensive portfolio and a strong competitive position, Swisscom proved itself again, especially in the managed services field.

Text: Martina Longo, Images: ISG Research,

Just like last year, in its study "ISG Provider Lens 2021: Next-Gen Private/Hybrid Cloud – Data Center Services & Solutions Switzerland 2021", ISG evaluated the Swiss cloud market in the following categories: Managed Services for Large Accounts, Managed Services for Midmarket, Managed Hosting for Large Accounts, Managed Hosting for Midmarket and Colocation Services. Swisscom again achieved the lead quadrant in all four areas. This is in particular also thanks to important strategic partnerships such as VMware and Dell Technologies. “Swisscom is one of the leading managed service providers and is popular with many Swiss companies in the large and midmarket segment, offering top-level services and security,” says Heiko Henkes, author of the study.

Managed Services for Large Accounts – Swisscom in front again

Demand for managed cloud services continued to grow in 2020/21, thanks largely to rapidly changing requirements and new technologies, as well as the resulting increase in the complexity of private and hybrid clouds. According to the ISG study, Swiss IT decision-makers are following the global trend and outsourcing services more and more to public clouds. However, with large quantities of data remaining in the private cloud, demand for managed hybrid cloud services is constantly growing.

Managed Services

Swisscom shows good intuition for small and medium-sized companies

In order to be successful in the digital market environment, small and medium-sized companies need to adopt a holistic approach through their public and private cloud infrastructure. In this category, ISG studied how Swiss providers tackle the most important challenges when launching SMEs’ hybrid cloud strategies. With its comprehensive infrastructure analysis, practical recommendations and strong partner network, Swisscom can engage in face-to-face, customer-oriented dialogue with SMEs and is therefore a market leader in this category too.

Managed Hosting

Highly secure, certified, low-energy infrastructure

The cloud market is characterized by the desire for a secure, local infrastructure. In the managed hosting field, Swisscom’s experience and comprehensive cloud portfolio is at its most prominent – always in compliance with strict Swiss data guidelines. With highly secure infrastructure, its own CO2-neutral data centres and multiple certifications, Swisscom is one of the leading Swiss providers of managed hybrid cloud hosting services – for both SMEs and enterprise customers. In the area of integrated hybrid cloud solutions for data centres, Swisscom also works together with strong providers such as VMware and Dell Technologies in order to always be able to meet individual customer needs.

Comprehensive colocation offer from Swisscom

Swisscom’s colocation offer with secure data centres is all-encompassing and is especially ideal for customers with critical applications. Demand for colocation space and connectivity services continues is still high and will remain so in the years to come. On account of high energy costs and the importance attached to sustainability in Switzerland, energy efficiency will be a key factor when new data centres are built in the future. With eight differently sized, low-energy data centres, including the state-of-the-art CO2-neutral data centre in Wankdorf, Swisscom is the runaway leader of this growing market.

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