• Software Defined Networking SDN

    “SDN makes new collaboration between IT and business possible”

Management Summary

Establishing reliable networks that cater to future requirements forms the basis for digitalisation.

LPN bootcamps

Find out more about upcoming LPN bootcamps.

Enabling digital business with M2M

New business models and higher levels of efficiency thanks to M2M: With the Internet of Things, everything communicates with everything – utilise the opportunities that the interconnected world has to offer.

Selected offers


Enterprise Mobile

The complete mobile solution for businesses.

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NATEL® go Swisscom

NATEL® go simplifies your mobile communication. Implement your company policy with a minimum of effort while ensuring maximum budget control for your administration, and eliminating any cost disputes thanks to flat rates.

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Connectivity Management Platform

Connectivity Management Platform (CMP): manage M2M devices and connections easily and centrally.

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