Enterprise Connect: M & L versions

Equip your network for the future at the touch of a button

SDN enables companies to connect their sites rapidly, allowing them to digitise their products and services. Enterprise Connect makes this new technology available in Switzerland. In the video, SDN expert Florian Waefler explains the benefits of the latest M and L versions of Enterprise Connect.

Text: Martina Longo,

Cost-effective IT; quick, secure communication between employees at different sites; bandwidth adjustments within just a few minutes – Software Defined Networking (SDN) is one of the latest cutting-edge technologies.


Customer requirements change rapidly, data is increasingly important and provides important insights that companies can capitalise on. Crucial to all this is a quick, stable network that can respond quickly to the new demands.

Enterprise Connect: versions M & L now available

Adjustments that previously required huge investments of time and effort can now be done with a simple click on the dashboard. Enterprise Connect versions M & L are now available. The benefits: greater functionality, better performance, higher guaranteed bandwidths with 99.9% availability.


In the video, SDN expert Florian Waefler explains how, with Enterprise Connect, you are optimally equipped for the future.


Enterprise Connect is now available in M & L versions – with a 99.9% availability guarantee.

Control your network directly from the Enterprise Connect online dashboard

A unique complete package based on software-defined networking for optimal ICT synergy. Take advantage of all the benefits of digitisation to make your network smarter, faster and more agile.

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