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Software-defined networking video presentation

Enterprise Connect 

Always connected everywhere – at the touch of a button with Enterprise Connect

Today, we can be online anywhere and everywhere and expect access to our data whenever we want it. And it is not only people who are connected; things, places and machines now also communicate with each other. Enterprise Connect enables secure and efficient connectivity.

Text: Martina Longo, 30 july 2019

Data-driven business is the byword for the next wave of digitisation. An efficient network is essential and decisive for a company’s success because the volume of data being generated, stored, transported and processed is only set to increase in the future.


What is required is a secure network that efficiently transports large amounts of data while at the same time allowing flexible changes. Software-defined networking (SDN) is the ideal network technology for this as it supports the agile configuration and customization of hardware and software. Enterprise Connect uses SDN to make your network fit for the future – at the touch of a button.


Interested in learning what other benefits Enterprise Connect can bring to your business? Watch the video to find out more.


Control your network directly from the Enterprise Connect online dashboard 

A unique complete package based on software-defined networking for optimal ICT synergy. Take advantage of all the benefits of digitisation to make your network smarter, faster and more agile.


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