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Why top managers rely on SD-WAN

Major US corporations have been relying on SD-WAN – a modern IT solution – for a number of years. It enables businesses to interconnect all their locations in a short space of time and to expand their digital footprint. This technology is also available in Switzerland. We show you how SD-WAN gives managers competitive advantages.

Text: Martina Longo, First published on 30 july 2019, updated

Worldwide customer databases, secure communication with all employees, cost-effective IT infrastructures for all branch offices, bandwidth adaptation within minutes: Software-defined networking (or SDN) is currently one of the most promising technologies for major corporations.


The background is remarkably simple: Data-driven business is on the rise, especially in Switzerland. The next wave of digitisation is on the horizon. This will require stable connections.


However, what previously involved higher costs and physical labour has now become as simple as opening a LinkedIn account: All you (or your IT officer) need to do is log on, configure the infrastructure and you’re ready to go. There’s no longer any need for cable-laying or IT expansion.


With SDN and SD-WAN solutions such as Swisscom’s Enterprise Connect, you can connect to tomorrow’s IT today. Our video shows why it really is that simple:


Always online, constant access to your data

Major US corporations like Amazon and Microsoft have been showing for many years how work will change in the future. They have developer teams in the US, marketing think-tanks in Britain and logistics centres in continental Europe. These teams all work together 24/7. When it’s the end of the business day for the marketing team in Britain, the developers in the US are starting work. Using the same data. The finished product then finds its way into production and finally the logistics centre.


This permanent collaboration is Internet-based. Employees are constantly connected via their companies’ own networks and they have secure access to the relevant data and contacts.


However, not all Internet access is the same. If you look at today’s networks in Switzerland or those of its European neighbours, you’ll see that uniform connections are also associated with challenges. Some branch offices have worse Internet access than others. Individual telephone exchanges can break down, and in spite of various service level agreements in the business environment, stability is not usually guaranteed. Added to this, connecting new locations is still relatively labour- and cost-intensive and there are not enough opportunities for quickly scaling up your own network.

This is where SDN technology comes in. It networks businesses while maintaining stable and maximum performance and ensures that everyone involved in your company is connected securely. What's more, this is backed up by guaranteed availability and SLAs that keep their promises.

Locations and machines in a separate network

But Enterprise Connect from Swisscom also goes a step further: This solution offers everything you need for successful business digitisation.


Imagine you have a production division. If they are not already able to do so, within the next couple of years the sensors in your machines will be able to process data. Enterprise Connect enables you to process this data as resources within a short space of time. In this way, not only do you optimise your production, but you can also avoid expensive outages and costly reordering of spares because today’s industrial robots can detect when their parts are wearing out and automatically order replacements.


For this you need a secure network that efficiently transports large data volumes and yet can be adapted flexibly. Software-defined networking (SDN) is the perfect networking technology for this purpose. Hardware and software can be configured in an agile manner and adapted individually. Enterprise Connect uses SDN to prepare your network for the future – at the touch of a button.


With Enterprise Connect, you can manage your network independently and securely, just the way you need it. It therefore turns IT into a managerial tool.

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A unique complete package based on software-defined networking for optimal ICT synergy. Take advantage of all the benefits of digitisation to make your network smarter, faster and more agile.


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